Leadership lessons from Coke #shapeafrica

Earlier, I attended a leadership panel run by Coca-Cola in conjunction with the Global Shapers Community in Cape Town. Today is also the 127th birthday of Coke! I have had maybe 3 coke cans to celebrate this. I also re-posted a blog post I wrote about Coke a number of years ago.

The panel featured 3 panelists from Coca-Cola, one of which was William Egbe. There were a lot of great learnings and insights shared. I was live-tweeting some of them. And now we have a blog post :-)

Coke is probably the most popular brand in the world. This week, I have grown to learn more about how it has built a brand that remains relevant and keeps on making it marketable, fresh and wanted. It's become a part of people's lives and livelihoods. It's not just about sales and pleasing shareholders, it's sharing value with stakeholders - suppliers, vendors, distributors and sellers. Down to the seller who sells Coke in an ice chest, moves on to kiosk, a shop and then a supermarket.

Open happiness :-)
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