Patrick Awuah is building a great story full of positive African Voices

Recently, I saw a clip of Patrick Awuah being on CNN's African Voices. I am not a fan of CNN at all because of the way Western media treats Africa. I do like African Voices though.Enjoy learning about Patrick Awuah and the story of Ashesi University, which continues to shine brightly. It's the start of something big! How long will it be till Ashesi students are featured on African Voices like Patrick? Not long. Ashesi has some superstar alumni.

Ex-Microsoft boss builds African school: As the founder of Ghana's Ashesi University, Patrick Awuah wants to find and develop Africa's next problem solvers. Awuah: Making education affordable: Ashesi University founder Patrick Awuah talks about making education more accessible in Ghana. I don't have much to say on this blog post. Just watch the videos. I consider Patrick Awuah to be my role model. I sat down with him once and I will never forget that day. I seek for him to mentor me, heaven knows I need it. Have to organize another sit-down with him soon.
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