What does MVA stand for?

I don't know how this all happened but for reason my friend Jason and I were wondering what MVA meant. So I took to twitter and Facebook & Whataspp and asked. What does MVA stand for? Who can come up with the best meaning for an MVA acronym? Suggestions welcome. :-) Here are the responses I got with a little story to boot.

MVA looks like MVP. I'm sure Nana Kwasi was thinking so when he got us going. Lolan, who is an Pan-African as they come, chipped in with one that will stick with me for a long time. Enock proved he was an Innovative African Mind by releasing these - In the words of another friend, he trusted Paakoti would say things like this. PaaKoti claims he doesn't know that many words that start with V. :-) PaaKoti didn't give only 'kotibortor' meanings, he also gave these. I would never want to throw vim away but I would sure love to be a Meat-eating Vegetarian :-) Kobby found my tweet somewhere and gave us an MVA meaning for the ages - "Magnanimously Verbose Assimilations" Here are a couple of good ones from facebook. Paa Kofi said "Most Valuable Akonfem". David and Jemila said "More Vim Aguan". From Whatsapp, we got "Most Valuable Ass", "My Vim Ass", "Most Vim Animal". While waiting for Jason to get his food at Starbites, I asked the waiters for an MVA meaning. Results below - What is your favorite MVA meaning? I like "More Vim Aguan", "Monday-morning Very Annoying" and "Magnanimously Verbose Assimilations" in that order. Post a comment with other meanings. :-)

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