Creating exposure and furthering education at Barcamps and Junior Camps

While getting breakfast at the Best Western Island Hotel this morning in Lagos, a guy called my name and called me over. He was wearing suit with 2 other guys also wearing suits. The face looked familiar but I couldn't remember where I knew him from. Then he mentioned "Barcamp!" Anthony Fesu. Oh yeah, you are +David Nikoi's friend from Ecobank. "E-Process", he said. 

I remembered that he mentored at Barcamp Sunyani 2013. Anthony was in Sunyani then attending the anniversary for Catholic University College in Fiapre. He's part of the class of 2006 and an alumni like +Kofi Kafui Kornu & +Yaw Adu-Gyamfi. He'd been invited to +Barcamp Sunyani as a speed mentor. told his Ecobank colleagues, "you need to know this guy, he's doing an awesome job". He gets peopleto mentor others. His colleagues were impressed.

Anthony went on.

"There were a lot of junior high school students there". We had over 70 students from Dumasua JHS at the event. "One of the students who talked to me said he wanted to be a pilot and how could he go about it". "I realised that he couldn't really understand English well. So he asked me to speak in a local language to him". "If this child can't understand the language of instruction in becoming a pilot, how can he become one?" "I had to let him know that he needed to get the basics right and understand this language more"

This is something that this child would not get in the classroom. They would get some form of education but little to no exposure. This is part of what we are doing with Barcamps. Anthony thought about what had happened and his perspective changed. He's become a huge fan of Barcamps since.

Today, we are currently having Junior Camp Dumasua. We've gotten some mentors to go to their high school to continue what started at +Barcamp Sunyani last year. We encouraged the students to become cleaner and help keep their surroundings clean. Sunyani has long been known as the cleanest town in Ghana and it's losing that. The school is organizing a cleanliness competition and the winning class would get tshirts with "Keep Dumasua clean" at the back. 

You can check #jcdumasua for some updates at the +Junior Camp Ghana event in Dumasua now. Check out this tweet from the event via +Joachim Danbo.

Big ups to the Barcamp Sunyani team - Kofi, Joachim, +Jean-Baptiste Mantey+rose meda donkor, Esther and Francis and then the Junior Camp Ghana team - +Nathaniel Alpha +Pedel Oppong +francis kumadoh & Priscilla Yevu.


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