MIghTy African visiting Belfast, Northern Ireland

Last month, I traveled to the UK for the first time in over 10 years for work. The particular place I went to was Belfast, in Northern Ireland. Belfast is quite the interesting name. Makes me say things like "Belfast. Make I bell you fast before I go lef Belfast." It took a while to hit me that I was actually in the same country that has London. If some other events had gone a certain way, I'd have been in Dublin, Ireland instead. It turns out they are really different countries, they even have different currencies. In this blog post, I'd share some memories. I couldn't get any phone network to roam on, but who needs that, when you have wi-fi :-)
Been working on this project for over 9 months. Intel Explore & Learn. Explore & Learn.
At least in Dublin, I knew of +NUBI Kay and +Essien Essien who live there these days, alongside many other Nigerians. Belfast? Nobody.
Since I flew out of Ghana on a Tuesday, I had really considered buying waakye the day before and arriving on Wednesday in Belfast with it to do a #WaakyeWednesday. I shall do it one day, I promise you.
I almost forgot this is what winter feels like. But this is not about winter, there are literally very few trees on the streets of Belfast, period. Deforestation much?
Sorry I meant to say Great Northern Mall. This was a very funny story. The two 'malls' I visited in Belfast were all very small, and smaller than the Accra mall. Tweeaa! Belfast is not Accra's co-equal.
On the other hand, Accra is not Belfast's co-equal when it comes to infrastructure. The story of our lives.
My friend +Karen Sagoe asked about the many churches in Belfast. I saw this cool banner. See the photo in this post.
Like I said, who needs phone network when you have wi-fi? The wi-fi in Belfast is very fast. Download speeds were awesome.
Okay, I exaggerated a bit. It actually cost 40 GHC. That's still a lot. The cedi doesn't lend itself well as a currency to travel with. At all.

Stay tuned for more Belfast related posts, they are coming at you faster than you can ring a bell. Git it? :-)
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