The woman I was talking about

It's still Women's Day here in Yankee in the Eastern Time Zone. So, I can say a few things about the woman who was keeping me up last night. Let's say that one of my goals to finding a wife this year is on course. God forbid anything that derails that lol.

Sometimes, a woman comes along who inspires change. She makes you want to be a better you because you can't stand to disappoint her or yourself in the grand scheme of things. When they say behind every successful man, there is a woman, the man sometimes becomes more successful because of the things the woman makes the man do. People have told me countless times, you need to find a woman. I understand that more now.

So sometime last year, I tweeted.
I meant it.

She's the woman I sang about in the infamous Amanone video taken during my birthday celebration.

So I also tweeted this today about 'Nana A'.
T. E. N. A. N. A.

This is not the place to tell who she is. It's the day to tell you say she dey. I wish for you all to find someone like this. Women who inspire positive change.


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