Ire of a football fan in Northern Ireland

I don't know much about Northern Ireland. I do know that they have their own 'national' football team that's not really good and they've not been to the World Cup before. That said, why do they have their own national football team? Because the British invented soccer. It's true. As in, that's the reason. Anyway, Northern Ireland could have benefited from playing from a British soccer team cos I don't see them going to the World Cup anytime soon. It is the home of George Best and also where the great Jonny Evans who plays for +Manchester United hails from. I expected Northern Ireland to be crazy about football but it was not really meant to be.
I am a huge fan of sports, especially watching, and studying soccer aka football and basketball. +SuperSport is my kind of channel because it's heavy on football, which I'd take over +ESPN which shows many sports I could care less about. Super Sport is from South Africa too, it would be awesome to see it go truly global.
It was the evening of February 19 and I wanted to see +Arsenal play +Bayern Munchen. I kept flipping channels in the hotel room and the game wasn't showing. I couldn't believe my eyes. I jumped to various conclusions but my favorite ones were the ones I tweeted above. Does the Europa Hotel not show +UEFA Champions League games because it is called Europa? Or is it because Northern Ireland teams suck and never qualify to play in this tournament? I was livid.
No champions league but women's wrestling made the cut. No, it couldn't be a more popular sport. Or Northern Irish TV channels couldn't get Champions League rights? That would have been the truth if I didn't catch the last 7 minutes of the Arsenal-Bayern game in a sports bar. Tweeaa.
After what happened the day before, this particular occurrence was extremely amusing. The Europa Hotel shows games that bear its name - Europa league. That's the league in which Northern Ireland plays. Tweeaa. Not co-equals.
I found out from a Facebook acquaintance that Manchester was quite close to Belfast. It made me want to go pay David Moyes a visit. No, not Sir Alex Ferguson, who I respect too much. But Moyes. That's how pissed I am as a ManUtd fan these days. I no bore enough :-) cc +Kofi Ulzen-Appiah +Seyram Freddy Ahiabor +Nehemiah Attigah +Kofi Appiah +Qwophi Cedi +Eyram Deede Ayayee +Eugene Adogla +Nana Menya Ayensu.

These football episodes make me wonder whether Northern Ireland is really in the same country as England? Or wait, they are two separate countries? Are you sure? Am confused. As confused the things that happened that made this blog post also happen. Ah well.... fare thee well.


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