New Rwandan movie, Africa United

My friend, @Skyllie of Afroziky sent me this movie trailer today. It was for a movie called Africa United. We saw a lot of 'AfricaUnited' around the Mzansi Mundial aka FIFA World Cup in South Africa in June-July 2010. There was even some images that many people used as profile pictures on Facebook. It seemed that Ghana's Black Stars, Nigeria's Super Eagles, Cote D'Ivoire Les Elephants, Cameroun's Indomitable Lions, Algeria's Desert Warriors and South Africa's Bafana Bafana were all playing for Africa. So once the Black Stars of Ghana were left standing, it was still Africa United. Or BaGhana BaGhana if you like. So a movie about football called Africa United is easily a must-promote, must-buy and must-watch for me.

Africa United is an adventure drama from first-time feature director Debs Gardner-Paterson. Young Rwandan Dudu (Eriya Ndayambaje) heads to the football World Cup in Johannesburg with his sister, Beatrice (Sanyu Joanita Kintu), and his friend, Fabrice (Roger Nsengiyumva). To get there, they must go on a monumental journey through seven countries in the African continent. On their travels they witness crime, make new friends and deal with issues such as Aids and child prostitution.

From IMDB.
The extraordinary story of three Rwandan kids who walk 3000 miles to the Soccer World Cup in South Africa. Using a sack load of ingenuity and sass (and a World Cup wall chart for a map), our pint-sized protagonists set off through the endless horizons of Africa in pursuit of an unlikely dream. And as they walk they gather a tribe - a ragamuffin team - of broken and brilliant characters who help them negotiate a way through a series of glorious, dangerous, hilarious and often bizarre situations. Through these kids, we will encounter an Africa few people ever get to see; experience the hard reality of an epic walk through seven countries; as well as the joy, laughter and hope - 'the ubuntu' - that comes from making an incredible journey together. Written by Rhidian Brook

There's a lady in there who looks like Jackie Appiah. I was just about to say this will be the best movie she's been in, but it's not her. That title still remains with Sparrow Productions' Perfect Picture. The movie features a lot of kids, which always helps 'sell' a movie. We've seen a lot of football themed movies coming out of Africa these days. Sorry, Ghanaians, Agya Koo's Black Stars doesn't count. I am talking about movies like Themba :-) By the way, we really need an IMDB for African movies. Fienipa has started it, contribute today.

Debra in a Guardian article wrote:
I am so proud to have been part of Africa United – whose heroes are African kids, but whose themes are the universal ones of friendship, fun, hope, creativity and determination. These kids are heroes, and we mustn't let them forget that. We are all Rwandans. We are capable of anything. And, yes, we can.

"It's not about you, it's not about me, it's about us. We are a team, Africa United!" Lovely. I can't wait to see this movie. Movie opens in UK theatres October 22, 2010.


sleeplesskenya said…
looks good; and one of the kids is an Arsenla fan!
MIghTy African said…
haha! shdn't they be wearing Rwandan national soccer jerseys?

Arsenal? Pfff.

Just kidding. How can you not possibly love Arsenal? :-)

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