Naija state of mind - Naija Boyz remix the late Da-Grin's Pon Pon (Museke)

My alter ago, Ayooluwaato Eze is back again. This time talking about Nigeria :-)
The African Remix boys from Nigeria are back again! After remixing Soulja Boy's Crank that Soulja boy, Chris Brown's Kiss Kiss, Lil Wayne's Lollipop, and Beyonce's Single Ladies, they are remixing a Nigerian hip-hop classic, Pon pon pon by the famous Yoruba rapper, Da-Grin. Da-Grin passed away on Thursday, April 22. Many tributes poured his way from various Nigerian artistes, including this one called My pain which featured multiple Nigerian all-stars.

Check out the lyrics for song coming soon here. As usual, the Naija Boyz are at their funniest best. They mention that they still have the Naija swagger. They make fun of children born to Nigerian parents in the US who have 'forgotten their upbringing'. The video featured a Nigerian-American kid insulting his mum and who is going to call 911. Nigerian mothers won't take that nonsense and 'go remind you why we come here'.

Watch the Naija State of Mind video

The Naija Boyz also disassociate themselves from the Nigerian underwear suicide bomber (Mutaala) whose crime caused Nigeria to be seen in a bad light. O & Teju claim Nigeria didn't train him (because he had a lot of his upbringing in the UK) and also claiming that Nigerians would never love to die as they like 'enjoyment'. The video shows a white newscaster saying that 'kind of lifestyle' is the root of all evil and then he goes to rave about (Nigerian) booty, saying it is a problem as bad as Yahooze.

The Boyz also make fun of Nigerian girls who take 'cool' American names and claiming they are African-Americans born to Nigerian parents while their name is actually 'Mgbeke Okoronkwo Apkode'. They say they never embarass and they are proud and how they have a say even in America. Can't hate their shine, all their music video parodies have a million views each and the new one is on its way there.

The song celebrates Nigeria's golden jubilee. We see the music video being shown on Youtube's Golden Jubilee channel and the Youtube theme changed with a dominant green to match Nigeria's national colours. We also see pictures and videos from the Nigerian Independence Parade Party. We see a cameo from another famous Nigerian Youtube sensation, T-Boy from Don't Jealous Me.

They released the song on Da-Grin's birthday as a tribute to him. Da-Grin's first verse from Pon Pon is used in the video. This Naija State of Mind video will help a lot of the CEO's fans nostalgic.

I love these boys. Their Lollipop remix aka "Lick my fingers (Lollipop remix)" is my favorite and I definitely love it more than Lil Wayne's original. I am a huge African food lover. Many people have loved O & Teju since they released Crank dat Naija boy. I hope to see more remixes from them. They are too gbaski!

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2cute4u said…
Seriously loved this..
Loved the hype.
MIghTy African said…
Ayoluwaato Eze loves this!

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