New Madiba book - Conversations with Myself

One of my Presec mates (Odadee) posted on my wall this week "I hope I'm not the only one getting Conversations With Myself". Then I conf pass corn flakes dem conference for corn inside. After I asked him about it, he said "New Madiba book...heard about it on 60 minutes...I get chills whenever i hear about this man...same feeling i had when i watched Invictus i had today". Yep, same feeling I also had when I watched Invictus with a dear one last December. I can't even begin to describe Nelson Mandela in one blog post. That makes me think, why didn't I even blog about Invictus? I think I should. Then again, I am a bigger fan of movies than books. Dont judge me. I'll read this one. Because a book called "Conversations with Myself" is too good to pass up. Ayoba.

I stumbled upon the story again on one of my favorite websites, Seriously, follow them on Twitter @sagoodnews. Yes, it started as and now they have an African version. A new book by Nelson Mandela is surely good news. It's kind of sad I learnt a more about Nelson Mandela from Invictus. Thank you Hollywood. This new book is an 'autobiography' though so it will be from the horses' own mouth. Ayibo! That information makes me want to say 'Ayobaness'. New Mandela book released worldwide reads

The Nelson Mandela Foundation has announced that a new book by former South Africa President and global icon Nelson Mandela, "Conversations with Myself", will be released in 22 editions and 20 languages. "Conversations with Myself" is a new book by former South Africa President and global icon Nelson Mandela. According to the Nelson Mandela Foundation the book, released today, "is an intimate journey from the first stirrings of Mr Mandela's political consciousness to his galvanising role on the world stage. It is a rare chance to spend time with Nelson Mandela the man, in his own voice: direct, clear and private".

United States President Barack Obama wrote in the foreword that Mandela, who largely retired from public life in 2004, is inspiring even if he is no saint. "Underneath the history that has been made, there is a human being who chose hope over fear - progress over the prisons of the past," Obama wrote. "And I am reminded that even as he has become a legend, to know the man ... is to respect him even more."

"Conversations" is best read as a companion to Mandela's autobiography, "Long Walk to Freedom," which was in part calculated by Mandela and other members of his African National Congress party to stir support for anti-apartheid activists as they stepped into new roles as leaders trying to heal and develop a divided, impoverished nation.

Wait, Barack Obama wrote the foreword? A Black President writing it for another Black President? Say it ain't so. I haven't even read "Long Walk to Freedom". I still want to meet you, Madiba. You are a great inspiration. If only 50% of Africa's leaders were like you. Is it really difficult to be like Madiba? Really? Someone tell me.

Either way, go get the book. There's even an audio CD. Lekker. Can someone buy it for me as my Christmas present? Edey Amazon. Amandla!

CNN video about the book


Myne Whitman said…
This is a must read for me....
Would be reading this... definitely. I have read a small book by him and published by Heinneman but that was before he left prison. Hmmm! talking about writing books, do African leaders write? Can they? And can they be like Mandela? Power drunkenness... perhaps I would Power Drinkards in relation to the Palm Wine Drinkard.... lol
MIghTy African said…
updated with CNN video.

African leaders have started doing some writing by way of others. JAK aka Gentle Giant aka Traveller John had something with Ivor Duah or so.

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