Sparrow Productions' 6th movie is "6 Hours to Christmas"

Which new actor/actress would debut to Ghanaians in Shirley Frimpong-Manso's latest movie? Damilola Adegbite. Yes, a Nigerian. Actually, the last name is familiar, I may know one of her in-laws. '6 Hours to Christmas' is the latest movie from the Sparrow Productions stable.

'6 Hours to Christmas' will premiere new movie on 29th October,2010 at the Natioanl Theatre. It follows Life and Living it, Scorned, The Perfect Picture, A Sting in a Tale (ASIAT), and Check mate.

What's the worst that could happen 6 Hours to Christmas? It's going to be interesting how Christmas in Ghana is portrayed in the movie. Shirley's movies have tended to show Ghana's middle to upper class and the belief would be that this movie would do the same. We'll see what Sparrow has up their sleeves.

Here's the story/synopsis
It looks like it's going to be a typical 24th December day for suave creative director, Reggie and perhaps a slightly more memorable one as his girlfriend promises him dinner and fireworks before the stroke of midnight.
Things however take an exciting turn for him when his office colleague and the girl he's lusted after for a long time gives him a Christmas present he finds impossible to refuse.
As Reggie's mind goes into overdrive, events unfold into very hilarious and yet bizarre circumstances and it seems a day that started with the promise of Christmas may just end in heartbreak and a gun to Reggie's head.

Watch the trailer here

The movie will also star Nii Odoi Mensah, Sena Tsikata and a few names I am familiar with Marian Lempogo, Victoria Johnson, Benny Ashun, Charles Cuammy, and Asamani Boateng. Frankly, the movie's trailer didn't do too much for me. I am not too excited about the cast either. No, it's not because Damilola is a Nigerian. It didn't give me that oomph. However, I trust Shirley's work and she hasn't really let me down. So, I'm excited for this movie. I will probably watch this in local theatres this holiday season. Tres exciting! VIM!


missjackee said…
this is awesome! it does look like a very good movie. I might get lucky and see it one day1
MIghTy African said…
give it about 6 months and you can buy/rent it from some African store in Maryland. will take a while after the premieres etc

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