Friday, August 6, 2010

A few good African movies I'll like to see soon

While I look for some great new Ghanaian movies to be recommended so I watch, I've been wondering what some of the other awesome African movies out there. I found a few when I bumped into this link about one Yvonne Cherry winning Best Actress @ the 2010 ZIFF Awards. ZIFF stands for Zanzibar International Film Festival Awards. Here are a few movies I want to check out and if anyone has access to them, buy them for me.

First off, we start with Mzansi. Themba is a South African movie with the tag line - A boy called Hope. Filmed on location against the stunning rural landscapes of the Eastern Cape, Themba tells the story of a local boy who triumphs against adversity and proves that with talent and determination dreams can come true. Themba depicts the triumph of the human spirit and how belief in oneself and ones talent is tantamount to never giving up. Themba goes behind the pin-up posters of soccer stars and shows us what really makes for a hero.

Next up, we move to Kenya where we have a German-Kenyan collabo called Soul Boy.
A German crew, lead by Tom Twyker, collaborated with a Kenyan production company to host production workshops in Kibera, Nairobi, one of the largest slums in East Africa. In the joyous, compelling film that resulted, a teenage boy discovers his father is dying, tracks down the witch who stole his soul and then embarks on a quest to save him. The movie was directed by Hawa Essuman.

I am not sure I blogged about this Nigerian movie that's receiving a lot of buzz called Ije (The Journey). It does feature both Genevieve Nnaji and Omotola Jalade Ekeinde aka OmoSexy. I really hope I can see this one soon, maybe before the summer is over. The movie has already won a bunch of international awards. See at their website. The movie's soundtrack is an Asa song (Awe). Supremo! Synopsis - Unprecedented in scope, IJE tells a tale of Chioma, a child growing up in the Nigerian countryside, who warned her restless sister, Anya, about the trappings of the American Dream. Now ten years later, Anya is accused of killing three men in a Hollywood Hills mansion-one of them her record producer-husband. Chioma travels from Nigeria to Los Angeles, and with the help of a young, unproven attorney, discovers that the dark secret her sister wants to keep hidden might be the only thing that can win her freedom.

On to Bongo land, we have Lovely Gamble. £ovely Gamble is a Tanzanian film directed by Renisson Okemwa and starring Steve Kanumba. Ali Kiba's Sexy Mama featuring Mkazuzu & Big Ayoub was used as a promotional video. Lovely Gamble is an experimental film based on music love and unfaithfulness. staring steve Kanumba aka the great, from tanzania. along side up and coming UK actors, Kisiri Elly, Mekckisha Macha, and Linda Kapinga.

Is ZIMOLLYWOOD the worst name yet? O M G. Here's one from Zimbabwe. The Blood suckers? For real.
Synopsis - The movie is about a lady, Katrina who had been raped by a thug, called James. James also attacked her husband Philip and left him in a coma and brain dead. The doctors were now waiting for Katrina's decision to switch off the machines which were helping Philip to breath. Also in the same hospital was James' son Bernard who was seriuosly ill needing a heart transplant. The only heart donor available was Philip. If it were you, what would you have done? Would you have helped the family who had caused you so much misery? This is a movie with alot of suspense painfull twist and turns.
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