Use the fie.nipa African language dictionaries from SMS and chat

OMG! It works. Do something cool today. Find the meaning of words by simply sending SMS or Chat using your Mobile Phone or Gtalk. I just sent good to the English to Swahili number and had a number of translations sent to me. Next time, I want to impress my East African friends and Swahili speaking confidantes, I'll text all I want to say to the number and 'show off'. You can do the same for Twi/Fante/Akuapem and Yoruba too. :-) This is brought to you by the lovely people at Kasahorow and Fienipa.

Via Chat
Send invitation to chat with any of the email addresses associated with a particular language listed below.
Receive live response to any word or words requested.

Send text to the phone numbers of any language of your choice listed below to get a dictionary translation sent back to you.

English to Swahili (Google Talk)
+1 713 487-6941 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting
+1 713 487-6941 end_of_the_skype_highlighting (SMS)

Swahili to English (Google Talk)
+1 347 735-8963 (SMS)

English to Twi/Fanti/Akuapem (Akan) (Google Talk)
+1 202 540-0950 (SMS)

Twi/Fanti/Akuapem (Akan) to English (Google Talk)
+1 407 385-0942 (SMS)

Yoruba to English (Google Talk)
+1 714 643-2865 (SMS)

English to Yoruba (Google Talk)
+1 714 643-2867 (SMS)


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