Watch the full "A Sting In A Tale" movie in HD on Youtube!

You all know I am a big fan of Shirley Frimpong-Manso and Sparrow Productions. I really loved her movie, "A Sting In A Tale" which featured Adjetey Anang, Majid Michel, Lydia Forson, etc. Under the auspices of Sparrow and Sribuo, we can now watch the movie for free and anytime online. Yes, on Youtube. Remember all those movies you'd watch in 10 parts on Youtube? They were illegal and they've disappeared. Not this one. So this is history in the making, screening to you, full-length and in HD an award winning Ghanaian movie: A Sting In A Tale from Sparrow Productions. Why should you see this movie? I reviewed it and gave you 233 reasons.

Before you see the movie, you should see the trailer. A good trailer can 'make' a movie. Like this blog post proves. So let's start you off with the trailer for this movie:

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you - A Sting In A Tale. Watch it right here (Unless, you are reading this on bloody Facebook that won't feed in my Youtube links. #FAIL). MIghTyAfrican blog fans, enjoy!

Watching the movie, you may see a lot of ads. They may annoy you, they may entice you, they may enchant you enough for you to click them. They are there to support Sribuo and Sparrow Productions, who are bringing you this masterpiece. Bear with them small. The game is changing. Some entities are taking advantage illegally while others are staying within the legal confines. I have always said I love how Sparrow Productions helped re-birth the movie going experience in Ghana and they are pioneering the idea of movie screenings online for free. They are forward-thinking. Sribuo has put a lot of effort into getting popular Ghanaian music on iTunes,, so now you can easily buy popular Ghanaian music. Let's support the music and movie industries.

After I posted the movie, many people asked me how it was possible to have a Youtube video that's almost 2 hours long. Well, Youtube launched their movies section earlier this year with full-length features. It's mostly populated by no-name movies and documentaries. :-) The more recent and popular movies seem to be for sale. According to the guys at George Armah at Sribuo, to be able to upload full length features on Youtube, "you need to become a partner and in order to do that you need to prove to them that you own copyrights to every single video in your channel. They (Youtube) are pretty hardcore about it". You may even have to jump through a few more hoola hoops to even get that done. I mean before Sribuo could get there, Metro-Goldwyn Mayer Studios, better known as MGM, was the first major movie studio to post full-length feature films on YouTube. Serious business.

Anyway, I am hoping more movies join the train, though movies like "A Sting In A Tale" are so good, I'll rather also just buy them and add them to my movie collection. Kudos to everyone involved.


Anonymous said…
I have a copy of the movie but I still watched the Sribuo version on Youtube. It is a much cleaner copy (albeit without the subtitling for the Pidgin English parts) and most importantly, devoid of the marketers' logo splashed across the screen on the copies that we buy in the US.

I was wondering if you know how Sribuo will monetize their investment providing such free content on you tube, after purchasing copyright licensing from Sparrows? Kindly shed some light on this.

I think if other movie producers use this licensing strategy for you tube screenings, it will curtail the brazen online piracy and unauthorized screenings currently sabotaging the filmmakers' investments. Thanks.
MIghTy African said…
Hello LK,

can you contact sribuo? they'll give you an answer there
Anonymous said…
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