Monday, August 30, 2010

If you love African food like me, is your destination

I love food. Literally. The other time I was having a discussion with some friends and I concluded I love food more than sleep. Yes. I love cooking too. I can't cook many different types of dishes but I love the idea of eating food I have prepared myself. I feel cooking is soothing and quite the fun activity. Especially, when I am alone and I can sing along to loud African music in addition. Hey, maybe we should make a cooking playlist too. I think I should learn to cook a few new dishes, or maybe not so new. Some African dishes. Like all those listed on nuɖuɖu!

Nududu is the Ewe word for food (Ewe is a popular language in Ghana and Togo). aka is a website for African food recipes and places to eat. It's an African food lover's dream and paradise. The website is the brainchild of Esi Cleland and it's being worked on by the lovely people at (abinci - eduane - riziki - food - nourriture : Eat well)

Their little blurb proves it -
We know all about African food. We know it is good. And we love it! We also know you want it so we show you where you can get it, or if you're feeling happy, we show you how you can make it yourself. We just started and we're going all the way so come back for more, read our blog, trade tips about technique in our forums or simply print out your favorite recipes and stick them on your fridge for reference. In short demand more of great food. After all if you are eating, you must eat well!

In fact, going through the recipes and seeing the pictures of food just make me hungry. My favorite dish is waakye with shito and goat meat stew. If you know me well, you know I am extremely biased towards African food and restaurants. They don't call me MIghTy African by mistake. If I sway, I go to Asian restaurants because I feel they are closest to African ones. I do like some Carribean joints too, since they tend to serve fried plantains.

Asanka Restaurant, (in Osu or Madina, take your pick), is my favorite restaurant in the whole world! It's great to be there on Sundays when they have a live-band playing. It was magical that one time when the live-band was playing tunes like 'Ahomka womu'. I was disappointed with the lack of information on the Waakye page. Since I am a Waakye expert, I guess I'll go update it with a recipe and instructions. Because canned waakye will not cut it. I am also a schooled shito maker. One day I made the decision I would not allow shito to soil my clothes while they were jollying around in my luggage as I flew across the Atlantic, so I would bring the ingredients for making shito and conjure the famous black pepper sauce myself. My mother gave me instructions and the rest they say is history. I don't buy shito anymore. I make my own. I've actually been thinking of making them at home and selling them at local African stores.

So you must want to know how to make Akrakro, Basque Chicken Yassa, Peanut sauce, Chin chin, Ceebu (Senegalese dish), Apapransa, Akyeke/Attieke, etc. Since I am quite smitten with Angola, I should learn to make some Angolan Feijoada too. They also have this one, Camarao Grelhado com Molho cru, that I'll love to try. If you didn't now how much to make jollof, wonder no more, because here is your recipe. For those of you who love fried plantains, try something different, make some plantain fritters. There are many other recipes at and if they don't have the one you are looking for, please request it.
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