If This Country Burns, We Burn With It - Kuweni Serious #kenyadecides

From the people who brought you Makmende, they also bring you Kuweni Serious. Just A Band and their crew are just too awesome. As #Kenyadecides, we join them in prayer for a peaceful period and a period that will help shape the nation's march onto greater heights.

Kuweni Serious - Fighting the EVIL powers of apathy

Featuring a random sampling of Kenyans. Produced/Directed by Mbithi Masya and Jim Chuchu for Kuweni Serious. Edited by Mbithi Masya. Narration by Bill Sellanga, words and music by Jim Chuchu.

Narration ---
There is a difference between the one who rents a house, and the one who owns a house. The one who rents a house doesn't care if the walls crack and crumble, they can always move to another house.

The one who owns a house knows that no one else will take care of it, thus they paint the walls and mend the cracks.
More than 60% of Kenya's population consists of young men and women like us.

The problem is that we behave like tenants of Kenya. We have let the older generation tear this country apart. We have let them use us to fight their battles. We have let them loot this country. We have let them fool us into thinking that we're not fit to run this country ourselves.

So we hide in our alcohol, in our religions and on the Internet as if there is some other Kenya out there that we shall move to when this one crumbles. We sit at home and wait for others to fight for us on the streets.

We want green cards instead of voter's cards. We are angry, but we are too scared to do anything about it. It is not Obama's job to save this country. It is not the donors' job, and the government has shown that it is not their job, either. Responsibility is not shared, it is earned.

Freedom is not given, it is taken. When we decide we want freedom, we will have to get it ourselves.

Because if this country burns, we burn with it.


An angry father asks the government for help - featuring Rapcha the Sayantist. Produced by Mwafrika and Kuweni Serious.
http://www.kuweniserious.org - Fighting the EVIL powers of apathy.
Licensed by Kuweni Serious from Just A Band (2010). All Rights Reserved.


Kuweni Serious visited the Ziwani and Majengo neighborhoods to ask random people a couple of questions. Here's what they said when we asked them, "Do you think your vote counts? And do you plan to continue voting?".
Note: The guy at the end, he's just joking...



Myne Whitman said…
Could have been talking to all young people in the first video. Powerful!

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