Get the Kasahorow Ghana Keyboards and type ɛ, ɔ, etc!

Yesterday, I thought I should get the kasahorow Ghana language keyboard again. For a while now, I've been typing ɛ and ɔ by stealing the characters from I've installed the Kasahorow keyboard which can allow you to type characters and even more. I want to show you how you can do the same. The Kasahorow keyboard installer has keyboards from many other African countries too.

Download this (it's a zip file) to get the Kasahorow installer application.

Then you can check out this PDF for instructions on Windows computers. If you use a mac, download this (it's a zip file) to get the Kasahorow installer application and here are your instructions - this link (another PDF).

You can also check this presentation for a step-by-step process.

Now, isn't this cool? The folks at are so inspiring. Support them today. Support African languages. Support Africa.


Thanks Mighty! i had actually been looking for this for a while now. cutting and pasting was always a drag. kzs
Abena Serwaa said…
Excellent!! Out of curiosity...who is behind the keyboard?
Anonymous said…
Ubuntu Linux has the Ghana keyboard as one of the keyboard choices, thanks to these guys.

For those of you using Firefox, there are also some ethnic dictionaries you can install as extensions.
MIghTy African said…
@Abena, is behind it. Or you want to know the actual folks? Join their facebook group, their names are scattered over there. :-)

They're really pushing our languages like Anon said. They have made Akan spell checkers, Firefox versions, Akan n Ghanaian language wikipedia pages, etc

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