Saturday, March 5, 2011

16 minutes that will tell you why I admire Ory Okolloh @kenyanpundit

This video is old. I haven't listened to the full thing yet. I haven't met Ory Okolloh before. But she's one of my role models. Watch the video below and it will give you every reason why.

Ory Okolloh tells the story of her life and her family -- and how she came to do her heroic work reporting on the doings of Kenya's parliament.

Kwame Som-Pimpong @kwsompimpong shared this on Twitter just some minutes ago and now I am sharing with you. Major props to TED.

What an easy blog post. I should do more like these. Follow Ory on Twitter @kenyanpundit.

She is also the founder of Ushahidi and has just recently left her CEO post there to become the new policy manager in Africa for Google. Read about it here on her website.
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