Saturday, March 5, 2011

Yet another post about Patrick Awuah - he talks about training our next leaders

I have blogged about Patrick Awuah countless times. In fact, as I write these words, tears well up in my eyes. Tears of joy. How is getting you to hear and watch Patrick Awuah speak not a joyous moment?

At the recent Barcamp Ghana event at the university he founded - Ashesi University - Patrick Awuah said “There should come a time that citizens in Africa will not desire to migrate to Europe or the USA”.

Watch this video - Training our next leaders: Patrick Awuah on video

Is Patrick Awuah on Twitter? Erm, not to the best of my knowledge. The man is so unassuming and humble, I doubt he even wants a Twitter. So far as he will continue to honour speaking arrangements, like at Barcamp Ghana events, we won't need him to have a Twitter. We will be documenting everything he says.
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