Friday, March 18, 2011

Vodafone Ghana says "Power to you"

So the last time I was in Ghana, I succeeded in not using an MTN chip. Good riddance. With number portability coming to GH this summer, perfect timing. I switched to Vodafone. I won't lie. I chose Vodafone for two reasons. 1: They sponsored Barcamp Ghana. 2: They bought Ghana Telecom and my mother used Vodafone too. I enjoyed their services for the most part and moving forward, I think I'll be sticking with them. Besides, their marketing tagline is 'Power to You'. Doesn't that shout VIM to you?

I was encouraged by how Vodafone was marketing itself while I was in Ghana. It seemed they had realised they needed to push the envelope with reaching the Blackberry and texting-crazy Ghanaian youth in order to increase their market share. I saw a friend get a Vodafone Blackberry phone locally for an affordable price. By the way, have you seen their new ultra modern headquarters located in Airport City?

See some ads - Power to You


For some weird reason, my Dell computer would not turn on when I got to Accra last December, and neither would it work in Kumasi either. Since I had gotten an Android phone, seemed like I was going to stuck on the mobile web. Stuck on it I was. A lot of my expenditure while I'm in Ghana goes towards communication and transportation. Thank heavens. Nah, I ain't spending my money at Citizen Kofi, Rhapsody's and Frankie's. I routinely spent over 40 GhC, approx $26 on phone card units each week. I browsed a whole lot and made many calls on this amount and felt I was getting my money's worth. The internet speed was bearable and I wasn't worried about the 'units' getting finished. Now this is a marked departure from my experience with AT&T's internet. In fact, I hardly use AT&T wi-fi on my phone, thank goodness I have free wireless in most places I find myself.

This is no promotion for Vodafone's service. But "power to you" does sound like "vim" to me. So, go Vodafone, go.
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