Some African movies I still want to see

I have become a big fan of African cinema - well, not all the movies, but the really good ones. I have bought a bunch of Ghanaian and South African movies in the last couple of years. You can also search for many African movies at the Fienipa site.

Here are some others I wanna buy and watch.

Movie: Africa United
Country: Rwanda

Movie: Figurine
Country: South Africa

Movie: From a Whisper
Country: Kenya

Togetherness Supreme
Country: Kenya

Seasons of a Life
Country: Malawi

Country: Ethiopia

Movie: Rwanda, Le Jour Où Dieu est Parti en Voyage (Rwanda, the Day God Went on a Trip)
Country: Rwanda

Movie: Beat the drum
Country: South Africa

Movie: Mafrika
Country: South Africa/Netherlands

Movie: Relentless
Country: Nigeria


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