Sunday, March 6, 2011

The bittersweet story of my top tweet on #6thMarch

Today, 6th March, is Ghana's 54th birthday and independence day for all Ghanaians. So a lot of Ghanaians and lovers of Ghana on Twitter have been hoping for Ghana to trend on the social network and on Google Trends. This hasn't happened and we could sit here and debate why that hasn't happened. Funnily enough, I got something of 'mine' to trend and unfortunately, it's not even about Ghana. It's about the Manchester United game that was played today.

Ghanaians love football (soccer) and many love the English Premier League. So when Manchester United and Liverpool clashed at Anfield, a lot of us were watching. Some of us were tweeting about the game and posting updates on Facebook. My team, Man Utd was 'destroyed' and as a good fan of the game, I congratulated Liverpool, who also happen to our bitterest rivals. Sorry, Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal. I posted this tweet after the 3-1 defeat.
"Congrats #Liverpool. Well played. While #Manchester United were poor, they were vibrant. #lfc 3- #mufc 1. Dirk Kuyt hat-trick."

A little later, I realised many Twitter users who I didn't know were retweeting me and posting replies to me. Little I did know that this tweet would become so popular. Yes, it was a top tweet for #manchester, #Liverpool, #lfc and #mufc! I was like wow!

Now, it is very unfortunate that though I had the honour of a top tweet, my tweet wasn't even about Ghana. On 6th March. The occasion of Ghana's independence. Shyous. Let's blame Twitter. The interesting here is how Ghana, for all our golden glory, is still not as relevant a country worldwide. This is debatable but the fact is, there are just not that many Ghanaians. I've seen articles saying our population of 24 million is too much because of a drain on resources, etc, but to me, I want there to be more Ghanaians in the world. Let's get overpopulated :-)

Manchester United & Liverpool combined may have more fans than Ghana. How else can we explain this bittersweet story? Or maybe if Google had adorned the doodle in Kente, Ghana may have trended? Instead, they only did it for the homepage. We still love them for doing that though. I have been hoping I could help make #Ghana trend on Twitter or Google and if anyone has any ideas, let us know.

Happy birthday Ghana! Happy independence day! And more #VIM! :-)

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