Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Celebrating Internatonal women's day with some African music (Museke) #internationalwomensday

Today is International Women's Day. Happy Women's Day! Last year, I blogged about this too. Check it out here - I had a lot to say. This year, I am going to do something different. I am going to share some good and great African songs about women. The music says a lot of what I, and hopefully many people want to say to African women and women all over.

Ghana's Becca recently released her newest music video and it celebrates the African woman. Only one word describes the video and song. "And every time I look at my mama, I see that woman". We can't talk about women without mentioning our mothers and how awesome they are. I love how she pays tribute to the late Miriam Makeba.

Watch the music video here

"I am a strong woman (strong woman); Bold woman; I am a wise woman; Ima let everybody get to know that". 3 Black Ladies from Uganda (Blu3) sing about strong women. Mya, Lilian and Jackie are successful women in the music industry and empowered women and this song should empower women too.


Zambia's Judy also sings about women in Supernatural. "I'm a super woman; I'm a super natural woman; I'm a super African woman; I'm a super Zambian woman"


Nigeria's Kefee Obareki celebrates the African woman too. She even thanks the man too :-) "Mama, this song is for you; Papa, this song is for you too; Even though we didn't have much; You still gave my life a special touch; You made me learn how to sing; And now I'm gonna let your praises ring"


This song came out a while ago but still rings true today. Ghana's Chemphe asks why you dey treat am bad? There are many cases of domestic violence and Chemphe's song waged a campaign against it. "If you saw your grand daddy doing it; If you saw your daddy doing it; You don’t have to repeat the same".


Nigeria's Obiwon sings about a Nigerian girl. "Love the sound of your name; Exotic African gorgeous untamed yeah; And when I look at your frame; So beautiful life’s painting; I respect you from the heart; My treasure, wonderfully made; Heaven’s priceless work of art".


Where the Liberian girls @? Jody sings about a girl from Liberia. "I've been thinkin 'bout you; So I wrote this song to let you know; You're my Liberian queen; I've been thinkin 'bout you; So I wrote this song for you my Liberian girl"


Uganda's Mega Dee sings about a Ugandan woman. "Ugandan woman, you are the African mama; Oh Uganda, oh Uganda, this is the land of beauties in the world; You are the Nile like the Pearl of Africa; Mama, you are so inspirational"


"And you are my African Queen, the girl of my dreams; You take me where I've never been; You make my heart go ting-a-ling-a-ling, oh ahh; You are my African Queen, the girl of my dreams; And you remind me of a thing; And that is the African beauty yeah;
Yeah, oooh, you are my African queen; Oh Lord, ooh Lord hmm"
Timeless song by Tuface.


I wasn't a little unsure if I should have added Lady by Fela Kuti. Let's deliberate on these lyrics though. "If you call a woman; African woman no go 'gree; She go say; She go say "I be lady o". The African woman is a lady. So says Fela. I'm sure you can find the song somewhere :-)

I also wrote this blog entry - 10 songs dedicated to African women . Are there any other splendid songs about women by African musicians? Please share them with us.

I will end the same way I ended last year's post.
In fact, when you think about some of the reasons behind IWD, it's a little tough to go around saying Happy Women's Day. We must start doing our little contributions to stop the injustices that women and girls face all around the world and encourage the celebration of more achievements. But when you think about women do well, and how they make our families tick, our communities build, our societies flourish and our world prosper, we must join in a single voice and chorus, "Happy Women's Day".

"Happy Women's Day".
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