Saturday, March 5, 2011

George Ayittey rallies the "Cheetah Generation", new breed of Africans

When we were looking for keynote speakers for the very first Barcamp in Ghana, we thought George Ayittey was a perfect fit. He is a distinguished Economist in Residence at American University in Washington, DC.

From his profile
His influential book Africa Unchained has helped unleash a new wave of activism and optimism -- especially in the African blogosphere, where his notion of cheetahs-versus-hippos has become a standard shorthand. The "Cheetah Generation," he says, is a "new breed of Africans," taking their futures into their own hands, instead of waiting for politicians to empower them. (He compares them to the previous "Hippo Generation," who are lazily stuck complaining about colonialism, yet doing nothing to change the status quo.)

Since I am on a TED Talks roll, let's watch his TED talk titled "Cheetahs vs. Hippos"
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