FashionistaGH named amongst Ghana's Innovation Heroes

I was quite late to the Fashionista GH party. It must be because I am not so much into the fashion space. I do remember that when I asked some of my Global Shaper friends that night in Cape Town about choosing "one word" to describe me, one person called me a Fashionista. Because I always wore African shirt <- Fashion. Well, FashionistaGH is pushing African shirts and dresses and etc, and fashion. And they are leveraging the power of the internet.

Last month, Ghana's Ministry of Trade and Industry and Google Ghana launched a new initiative called Innovation Ghana. Innovation Ghana is meant "to celebrate our homegrown innovators and discuss what is needed to bring Ghana to the fore of innovation and entrepreneurship." Fashionista GH was one of Innovation Heros awarded. Let's learn more about FashionistaGH.

I've met OB Abenser and Guud Kelly a number of times since that Google+ Hub, a lot of fashion events or events that have brought out the bold and beautiful African-inspired fashion of today. 
This video they made about the first Google+ Hub in Ghana was a massive success, one that saw them contracted to do a similar video in Nigeria. 

The Ghanaian fashion industry is burgeoning and very exciting to say the least. There are countless designers, many of whom are making a mark locally - turning Ghanaians into wearing Ghana and internationally, making it cool to wear Ghana. Have to give props to the likes of Christie Brown, Sa4amSimps, Sepha, and AfroChic. I have a fashion related blog post in my drafts and I shall do a fuller post on this space in this place later.

Until then, Fashionista GH is documenting most of the stories you should know about Ghanaian fashion. Morevim to them!
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