Sparring steam room & sauna sessions at Sarova

What the heck does this title mean? Chill, don't get so hot. I wanted to make an alliteration. If you want to get hot, go find some steam room and burn enjoy yasef.

So I arrived at Sarova Stanley in Nairobi at 7am ready to take a nap because I had hardly slept the night before watching a nameless movie on Kenya Airways and generally not having the best flight. I had never heard of this 5-Star Hotel until a room was booked for me there. The 3 previous times I was in Nairobi, I stayed at Hotel Sankara. Best hotel I've been to ever, anywhere. The hotel wouldn't check me in to a room until 12 noon, as per hotel policy. But I wanted an exception to be made for me because (a) I needed to sleep, (b) I needed to use the wi-fi, (c) Sankara has done it before :-) I hadn't booked my room, someone else had, and I was not about to pay extra money to get this. We arrived at a good compromise though.

The receptionist said I could go to the health club and wait there, take a nap there and enjoy a steam bath while I was waiting for 12 noon. I still couldn't get wi-fi access until I had a room number. So I called for the manager to come "do something" and he offered to get me a room at 9am. That warmed my heart and I headed to the 5th floor to get some warmth in my system as I was underdressed for the present cold Nairobi weather. I got to the health club and after realizing the massages weren't free, I headed for the steam bath stuff. This would be my first time. I had no idea what a sauna or a steam bath was. I had to google it and the eHow results were quite helpful that I didn't need to chop my small internet data roaming bundle with YouTube. I also asked some jamaas near me who told me what to do. So I took a nice shower and headed for the steam room.

An hour later, I was tweeting this....
The Sauna & Steam (bath) room experience felt good. It was really hot. Like literally and figuratively. I was enjoying it so much that I kept on cursing. One reason could be I had been spending the earlier part of the week saying that around my house but this "health club experience" was noice! As in nice, but even nicer. I realized I was saying "fuck" way too many times so then I decided to say "fork" instead. That's when I remembered I was extremely hungry. But hey, if a hungry man is an angry man, an enjoying man would also look past his hunger.
It only occurred to me that only guys were around me during these sauna and steam room experiences. Well, duh! Bathrooms and restrooms work that way. But wait a minute. Wouldn't it be cool to indulge in this enjoyable experience with a partner? Oh shucks, I just thought of gay people. Anyway, I'd like to be in a steam room with a lady (I like).
Reminds me of when I was at the Boston Day Spa in Addis Ababa in February of last year. That massage I got was just pleasant. I would stop short of saying phenomenal because I had many unprofessional massages with a lot of tricks and techniques that made me feel good hehe. But the professionals do their thing though. And they use all these oils etc, which are tres hot too.

What I am really looking forward to is the free professional massage I will be getting in Accra the next time I want it. After showing my blog post about male grooming in Ghana to the manager of the Revelations Salon which inspired the blog post in the first place, I was offered a free massage. In my house. Kai kai kai! Ayayai! Sweetness. If you need a haircut, manicure, pedicure, massage or some male or female grooming in Accra, please contact Revelations Salon and Spa at 0244-785941. They rock! When they add steam room & sauna to their services, they will be the complete rockas. Big ups to Phelele for getting me onto this word. She had stayed at the Sarova earlier this week just before me. I was so bummed out that I got to Nairobi after she had left. Like we go.......... :-)
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