Vim visiting the Presec National Science & Maths Quiz team

Last week, we heard news of our alma mater Presby Boys' Secondary School (Legon) Presec losing to Mfantsiman (Mansite) in the National Science and Maths quiz (NSMQ). The 5-time champs had suffered an unexpected loss. But there was a silver lining. Presec could still get the chance to proceed to the next round by being one of the highest losers. Not a good look, but we'll take it. I was told of this mishap and asked to go visit the team and offer some words of encouragement. I didn't get the chance until today. But before that happened, we took that chance! Presec was slotted into a qualifier with St. Roses and HOTCASS and 'destroyed' the chance! The Presec squad did not get a single question wrong on their way to 76 points, a record haul! Earlier tonight, I was at Presec for the first time since I returned to Ghana to the land of vim. I had gone with vim to give some more vim. Anyway.... to the blog post.
It shouldn't have been surprised to see Mr. Peprah at all. He's been a mainstay for the Brilliant squad all through. He's been a major contribution to Presec winning the National Science & Maths quiz 5 times - 1995, 2003, 2006, 2008, and 2009.
Since 3 schools participate these days, each school has 2 contestants. Presec is repped by 2 Form 3 boys (they both did the 3 year system) - sharp brains, don dadas. In their last contest, Bernard Agyemang Twum and Frimpong Apenteng Baidoo got all their questions right. Unprecedented! We should note that this year for the WASSCE, a batch of students who were in SHS for 3 years and some others who were in school for 4 years wrote the exam. It's bye-bye for the 4 year SHS. Here's my take on that whole debate, debate style :-)
Presec classrooms have looked bougy for a while. The study room for the NSMQ team had curtains! When we were in Presec at the turn of the 21st century, we didn't have very nice classrooms. In the main classroom block (now called Block A), when it was raining, we had to move away from the walls into the centre, since there were no louvre blades and the rain came into the classroom. Shyous! We still studied and excelled, everywhere we went.
Presec boys are using Twitter lol! They understand motivation too. It was tres cool to see this -->
The NSMQ team is made up of a number of students, some of which had just graduated. There was only one Clerk House student and one K class student. Many of the students want to study engineering and medicine related courses in university. They are there!
This Saturday, Presec is pitted against Wesley Girls High School (Wey Gey Hey) and St. Augustine's College (Augusco) in the quarter-finals. Odadees, let's throng the Legon N-Block venue on Saturday to support the boys at 12 noon. No Presec, No Trophy! :-)
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