Roots By Naa named amongst Ghana's Innovation Heroes

I've known Naa Oyoo Quartey for more than a year now. She's phenomenal. I remember one time, we organized a session at her church (ICGC) in Osu on social media use. We pretty much winged it but it was also a lot of fun sharing and learning about how to use social media in more productive ways. We didn't have to look far for case studies. @Ganyobinaa, as she's known on Twitter, had a good chunk of them.
Last month, Ghana's Ministry of Trade and Industry and Google Ghana launched a new initiative called Innovation Ghana. Innovation Ghana is meant "to celebrate our homegrown innovators and discuss what is needed to bring Ghana to the fore of innovation and entrepreneurship." A number of Ghanaian-made businesses (and their founders) were awarded as Innovation Heroes. Naa's Roots By Naa was an awardee. See this great video that was made to tell her story.

Naa is a favorite of Google Ghana. She embraced the "Africa, Get Your Business Online" platform and has done marvelously well with her website. You might have seen her face in various Google Ads. Yup, that's her. Her website is Check it out on Facebook.

There is a famous line (that she wrote) as part of a Google+ Hub event in Accra that goes "I shoot people". As in shoots pictures o, we beg. (Yeah, I take am personal). Naa is only a photographer. She's covered events, included one PartyCrew party :-) -> Variety Inspires Movement - VIM Potluck Party. Check out her Timeless by Naa Google+ profile.

Naa is also an accomplished blogger. We caught up this week and she mentioned that she was going to get in a few blog posts before the end of the work week. You can see what she wrote here - 
Ganyobi Naa. She received the most nominations at Ghana's first social media (and blogging) awards and walked away with two prizes. She also wrote a nice blog post about being named an Innovation Hero!

Well done Naa! You're a definitely a shining star!
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