Recapping my What Do You Know quiz win via Twitter

Since I had to turn my off phone during today's What Do You Know quiz or have it in airplane mode because I am so fly, I couldn't tweet or post updates. Trust my tweeps to do so though. So here's their collective account :-)
The producer of the show Alfred Hughes gave many tips to the audience on audible clapping, etc. I had thought the quiz would start at 1, we started at 1:30. So whichever minutes of watching the Black Stars take on and beat Lesotho's national football team in a World Cup qualifier were gone.
I repped Blogging Ghana - the association of Ghana bloggers in this quiz. I showed up at the quiz venue wearing my BlogCamp T-shirt which had my Twitter name on it. We were told to wear the World Blood Donor Day tee on stage. So I resorted to mentioning my Twitter name as part of my intro. Fair abi? :-) Ebe swag lol!
A lady from the Ghana National Blood Service gave a short speech after which quiz master Dan Afari Yeboah started dishing out the questions. Since I was not well versed in the subject matter of the day, being observant would come in handy in answering questions. Hence, after some ambiguous question was asked about carrying blood and hearing Mr. Yeboah mention blood vessels, I gave "vessels" an answer and got a bonus point. Smart :-)
Turns out after you get a bonus question right, the next question becomes yours. Since I don't watch TV and haven't followed this WDYK contest in years, I had no idea. This and the fact that various questions were being asked for which I had no clue for, made me literally hot. Which is what my Odadee brother Joseph captured in this tweet
Forgive me for forgetting my biology and chastise me for reading about blood earlier this morning and not studying the word platelets. Especially after I pulled up (e)r(y)t(hr)ocytes from 2001 to answer another bonus question on what red blood cells is called. Red letter day indeed.
So round 1 ended, and I was sitting on 2 points. Ekome ekome 2! The Rotaract guy had jumped in front with 7 points. Now that was someone who knew a lot about blood and blood donation. Heck, they organized a blood donation drive the same day I donated blood for the first time and realised you couldn't actually do so if you had had multiple sexual partners in the 6 months prior. :-o
I was slacking. And being a bad rep for bloggers in Ghana, people who should have information at their fingertips since we spend chao time on the internets. But no worries, the vim man would come back with vim. Starting with actually getting some of my own questions correct.
I started getting questions I could answer. And I did so with so much authority the same way Tim Duncan swats shots and Manu Ginobli attacks the rim. Yeah, go, Spurs, go! That 450 number was stuck to my head like that needle was stuck in me on February 23, 2013. Since I was getting questions I could answer, I became more commentative. I was like "I could actually win this thing". Afrakoma realised what I was doing - "having fun".
I co-won the round and now I was only 3 points behind the leader. Closing the gap!
Thankfully, the NBS Ghana lady mentioned that June 14 is celebrated as World Blood Donor Day because some dude who discovered the A, B, O blood groups was born that day. Cos I had googled World Blood Donor Day, I knew who the dude was Karl Landsteiner. I could also tell you he won a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1930. :-) But seriously, I did some guessing and when I didn't know the answer, I made it clear lol. Couldn't get it from my phone anyway.
So the general knowledge round started and ended with no question about the election petition. Thank heavens! Because if they had asked a question on pink sheets, I would outrightly said "I don't have news much and that pink sheets saga is not doing kowtow for Ghana so I am really not interested". Yes, I was going to say it on live TV. Next time. I was asked about Bakatue though which I answered convincingly and then shouted out my father as it was "Father's Day".
So our hero came back from the death and won at the death penalty shoot-out style. I thought I was gonna chop third but once I heard there was a tie, I knew this would be mine. And then Mr. Yeboah decided to do away with ambiguous blood related questions and pull one general knowledge question out of his hat. "What's someone from Kashmir called?" I dunno if the other guy knew of Kashmir sef. After giving two wrong answers, I delivered the #winning goal. "Kashmiri". I guessed right and the keeper went left, there's nothing left in this quiz contest. Ball game!
So yeah, here's the blog post. You just knew it was coming. A few more tweets to capture the moment for you. #Winning with #vim.
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