Leti Games named amongst Ghana's Innovation Heroes

I have written one two many times about Eyram Akofa Tawia and Leti Games  Since the last time I did, Eyram has added a full blown comics section to his business and Leti Comics has been born. His team has worked on an idea of African Superheroes, which will eventually churn a league of legends. The first superhero to be unleashed will be Kweku Ananse, via a game and then a comic series. I personally feel the tech industry in Ghana is crying for people to document content that exists locally and package it for modern use. This Leti Games venture is a prime example.
Last month, Ghana's 
Ministry of Trade and Industry and Google Ghana launched a new initiative called Innovation Ghana. Innovation Ghana is meant "to celebrate our homegrown innovators and discuss what is needed to bring Ghana to the fore of innovation and entrepreneurship." A number of Ghanaian-made businesses (and their founders) were awarded as Innovation Heroes. I think it's really awesome that ministry has done this, and that Google Ghana is a part as well. 

Watch this video below to learn about Eyram's story.

Isn't the video just awesome? It's very well done.

Like Eyram said, Leti is not just about building an African game company, it's building a whole new industry. When Leti took on interns out of university, it was almost a watershed moment for me. Ghanaian tech startups are coming of age, not just expanding teams and businesses, but training and building capacity. Leti's work has involved storytellers, illustrators, programmers, designers and marketers. It's becoming a central node for innovation and other Ghanaian tech startups are watching and will follow suit.

Here's another revealing video, showing Eyram being interviewed at DroidCon.


Morevim to Eyram and Leti Games! Dzolali!


don't know him but met him at innovation Ghana and i am really proud and feel good as a Ghanaian.

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