Ghana Decides named amongst Ghana's Innovation Heroes

Before 2012, a lot of Ghana's digital natives had been discussing the use of social media and technology for Ghana's election in 2012. Some came together and decided that the central message will be "Ghana Decides". Kenyadecides had happened, and Ghana Decides had a great ring to it. Ghana was going to decide a new president, parliament and government. For me, I had hoped that wasn't all we were going to decide but let's save that discussion for another day. A GhanaDecides hashtag was born. But like I said yesterday at TEDxOsu, campaigns succeed even better when there is a team driving it. Enter the GhanaDecides team.

The GhanaDecides team was born out of an election project by the Blogging Association of Ghana - Blogging Ghana. They received funding from STAR-Ghana and put the money to great use, alongside the social media, organizational and other type of skills that the team had. They supported various Barcamp Ghana events in 2012 and used the platform to launch various exciting initiatives that encouraged citizen engagement. Check out the #iRegistered campaign, the GhanaDecides Tag campaign, Speak Ghana campaign, and the Our Vote, Our Voice campaign. They used Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Flickr, and Youtube to document election events and had their work picked up by Mashable! The #GhanaDecides hashtag took off and many people could not omit having it as part of any tweet that had to do with the election and governance or politics in Ghana.

Watch a recap video of their work so far.

Simply put, Ghana Decides is literally one of the biggest success stories so far as innovation and internet go in Ghana. It was befitting that they were named as part of the Innovation Heroes in Ghana last monthIt's part of a new initiative by Ghana's Ministry of Trade and Industry and Google Ghana. Innovation Ghana is meant "to celebrate our homegrown innovators and discuss what is needed to bring Ghana to the fore of innovation and entrepreneurship." Ghana Decides was also a major partner of Google Ghana's election 2012 efforts, helping organize many hangouts with political figures.
Watch a video that tells their story

Everyone is asking what's next for GhanaDecides? If you didn't catch it from this video above, watch it again. And stay tuned to TwitterFacebookGoogle+Flickr, and Youtube for more.

Kudos to the awesome Ghana Decides team on all their successes - to Kinna, Kwabena, Kayobi, Nana Yaw, Nehemiah, Edward, MacJordan, Gameli, Sharifa, Jemila, Mawuli, Emmanuel, Sandister, and co.



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