Wa-zo-bia to Lagos!

I was in Lagos earlier this week for the third time this year. This time, I could clearly tell when I was on the 3rd mainland bridge, when I had gotten into VI versus Ikoyi, etc. Almost every single time I was going somewhere, I was not in heavy traffic. I planned it really well. NOT. It just happened. I didn't parade around as Ayooluwaato Eze but I was interested in the subjects I tweeted about and will talk through in this blog post.

The first night I had gone to Man of Steel in 3D which was a blog worthy experience. After spending some time at the Rancard office, I had to go to Ikeja for some meeting like that. After bargaining a price of 2000 Naira, we set off.
Did you hear about the Nigerian traffic app (Traffix) that's looking to get bought by Google? Got to love their vim. There's also GidiTraffic which retweeted my tweet above. Lagos traffic is legendary. Sometimes it looks like folks should just park and have roadside parties. Especially on the 3rd mainland bridge.

Since I couldn't get internet connection via my Airtel roaming not working, I had to resort to playing games with my phone. Since I was in Nigeria, I played the Nigerian game app on my Nexus 4. Ayo is a game like Oware. It's featured on the first #VimTechList post - 5 African Android game apps

I don't know too much about Nigerian radio and TV, whether it be the organizations or the people. Yeah, I expect to know much :-) Anyway, Cool and Beat FM have been on my radar for a bit. I am going to guess a lot of the top Naija media personalities online have made their way to radio at the very least. Different people from all walks of life like different radio stations. I was interested in listening to music but maybe I should have checked for talk shows. That would make me compare whether talk shows in Lagos are like those in Accra. After hearing Iyanya's "Ur Waist", I stuck with what was Wazobia FM.
Rumor has it that after Governor Fashola banned okadas, his wife imported a lot of bikes to start a dispatch rider business. Okada rides were a very important of the lifestyles of many Lagosians so the ban must be tough to swallow. I'm impressed with Fashola's work though. Okadas did cause some societal issues and the order that exists now without them is surely welcome.

I listened to Wazobia 95.1 FM some more on Wednesday as I was going to the airport. I love this station. Their presenters speak mostly in Pidgin and they even deliver news in Pidgin as well. It's interesting, hilarious, creative and commendable. Apparently, Wazobia comes from the word come. As in com, not cum. Come in #Yoruba is 'wa', in #Hausa is 'zo', and in #Igbo is 'bia'. That's awesome naming in itself. Talking about come, Lagos is a great place to visit. Forget Boko and Haram and kidnappings for a moment. Lagos has many sights to see, many scenes to be in, and many experiences to enjoy.
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