#WaakyeWednesday - Whither Waakye Wednesdays?

Waakye ooo waakye!
Where from this whole #WaakyeWednesday business?

I could eat waakye every day. In fact, I used to eat waakye every day for lunch at a point in time.
I like waakye so much that while in the US I had to learn to prepare & cook it just so I could have it whenever I wanted. I learnt how to do so from my friend and eventually learnt how to make shito too via my Mum. I once cooked a waakye meal for like 23 people at Stanford and they loved it. I will never forget one statement a friend made. She said "Ato, you've been single for too long, you should not know how to cook this good". Yes, I can cook. At least, I can make delicious waakye that you might mistake for that from Auntie Muni. Waakye is just so all around me in Accra and Ghana that I don't have to bother making it. I'm not complaining.

I will do a blog post about places to eat waakye in Accra later. Waakye is the fastest selling food in the whole wide world. There are many times where I've looked for waakye around 1pm someplace in Accra and had to go miles and miles to find some. One time, I left Roman Ridge and went all the way to Asylum Down to get waakye. This Asylum Down waakye must not be very good because if it was, it should have been sold out before 2:33pm.

Since I can't keep on eating waakye every day and risking emptying my bowels one two many times, I especially love to eat waakye on Wednesdays. Why? Because both words begin with W. That's how WaakyeWednesday was born. The idea is to especially eat Waakye on a Wednesday. Pretty simple idea.  Simple ideas sometimes catch on. Especially when people love the subject involved. So on Wednesday morning, folks like +Ali Bukari Maiga and +Seyram Freddy Ahiabor and +David Nikoi would remind us that #WaakyeWednesday is here. Folks like +Ela Asare +Nehemiah Attigah and +Nana Fynn Class-Peters would join in.

Apparently, there is a waakye spot that used to sell our favorite meal from about 4pm to as late as 3am. The spot is called "Waakye Extra-O". How appropriate eh? Sadly, since the N1 highway was built, it has caused the traffic coming into Waakye Extra-O because it's more difficult for patrons to access the spot. Really sad eh? That's one option that can make sure many people have a #WaakyeWednesday gone. I am yet to find many places that serve waakye in the evenings other than Nima. Yes, if you really love your waakye, you will go to Nima. Because that's where the best waakye comes from.

One thing I've started doing when I buy waakye is to make sure to have a sprinking of gari. So with some shito, waakye and gari, I get to eat my #waakye with SWAG. Thanks to a little social media discussion (big thanks to the likes of +Kwesi Acquah & +Akua Akyaa Nkrumah, I also ensure to get my waakye in not more than 2 plastic bags. This is to save the environment. Many more times, I buy it in a pack. One day, I shall just show up with a takeaway bowl :-) Let's be green. Or let's be greener. We all know the best waakye is the one had in a big green leaf. Can't get greener than that. Do it for the red, gold, green. Red, gold, grin :-)

So next Wednesday, try to have waakye. And if you are feeling like it, take a picture, post it on social media and tag it #WaakyeWednesday. The #waakyecrew will come appreciate you :-) Too bad Auntie Muni doesn't sell waakye on Wednesdays though.

PS: The picture is a huge bowl of waakye I had with Ali, +Donald Ward +Fiifi Baidoo +Jojoo Imbeah +Mac-Jordan Degadjor and +Kofi Ulzen-Appiah once when we were in Tamale for +Barcamp Tamale :-D


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