Recounting ages of mass massages

I love massages. I love giving them and receiving them. When I used to play football aka soccer regularly at Stanford, I'd feel really tired and in some good amount of pain. I'd long for a massage but normally, I wouldn't get it. I should get massages more often like I got today in Ghana.

I believe the very first massage I got was delivered by my first girlfriend. Maybe this is a false but if there were any before that one in the summer of 2007 in Baltimore, they were not that memorable. That was the day I learnt about the art of drumming while giving massages. It was sweet roff. I took some tips from Phelele and administered them back. From then till I left the US in 2011, I gave and received massages, and sharpened and ironed my skills lol.

When I was in Addis Ababa for the first time, I asked some friends on Facebook what I should do or visit before I left Habesha land. Boston Day Spa was mentioned a couple of times. Hot Habesha hunnie applying spa treatment in a great atmosphere? You lie bad. A couple of days later, I was lying bad on a bed, half naked waiting for heaven on earth. It was such a great day. It was well worth all the $$$ I paid. The lady at the reception was beautiful, the lady who handled my time there was pretty, and the lady who did the massaging et al was konjo. Makes me think of 13 months of sunshine. I should try out these services around the continent, Angola & Senegal definitely. Give me more massages, less steam rooms and sauna things.

The best massages are personal ones. The lady in Addis did a good professional job but there was no oomph in it. No line crossing, no extra-time, no bonus points, no specials. Friends or girlfriends would go a step further for you. I've had a couple of such. The present one is ... amazing. Sorry, Thierry Henry just said this word on TV and snapped me out of a word to choose. Oh la la! She introduced me to massage pillows and recently, massage hammers. Chale! The massage hammer no be now!. That reminds me, I have to ask about renting or getting some affordable massage oil in Ghana. :-)

After receiving my first spa treatment in Ghana, with manicures and pedicures and all, I wrote a blog called Male Grooming in Ghana. I praised the Revelations Spa & Salon folks for their good work and great customer service and showed the blog post to the manager. She was very appreciative of this and told her staff. She offered for me to get a free massage. "We'd come to your house and do it". Ayayai! Ever since that pronouncement, I waited with baited breadth for the next available Sunday. It arrived today. If I had time and an opportunity, I would have gone to play football, made myself really tired so I could enjoy the massage even better. Didn't happen. Church wasn't going to make me tired unless I danced my behind off. Nah, not at Agape House New Testament Church. I no bore though.

The manager asked me if I wanted a guy or a girl. Erm, take a wild guess. 2 girls came. I mean, 2 girls came to do the job. While waiting for the water (they would use) to boil, I chit-chatted with them (both early 20's) and realized one was a JSS leaver. I remembered her from the manicure day too. They both didn't use Facebook. Crazy huh? Anyway, when they told me to lay down half-naked, I didn't get up from the bed until an hour later. It was sweet roff. I was going to continue the Facebook conversation, but I was too 'relaxed' to even take them back to the salon so I gave them some extra 'tip money'.

The cost of the massage is a cool 100 cedis. You already know I got this one for free. But for 1 hour of good relaxation, I think that's a great deal. Next time I talk about Revelations Spa, they'd have a website. Will help them at no cost. And it's not because I want another free massage. ɛfiri sɛ, nipa yɛ ade a, ɔsɛ ayeyi! Because, if someone does something great, they need to be appreciated and supported. In the meantime, in between time, I don't mind offering my massages services o. But for a few good ones in return.
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