Watching Man Of Steel in 3D in Las Gidi

While in Nairobi last month, I learnt about the opportunity to watch the Man of Steel movie in 3D. I had never seen a movie in 3D for almost 2 years, since I returned home from the US. The Man of Steel 3D experience was oversubscribed. A friend had gone to watch an earlier screening and the cinema area was packed. Turned out it wouldn't be that easy to get a ticket. Went bowling the next Nairobi day and then left for Accra. So being in Lagos with the same opportunity? I was leaving no stone unturned. Glad I did. I am blogging about it hehe. So aren't you too?

First, arriving in Lagos later than expected was not going to stop me from watching Man Of Steel the same night. I'd miss some minutes to get the 3D experience out of the way to clear the next night for other things :-)

I'd spent 1000 naira on the taxi to the mall. I had seen a movie ticket fee of N2000 for the upcoming Wolverine premiere so I would have never though this movie outing would cost more. Oh, it's a 3D movie and you have to get 3D glasses. N2500 don go. Now, I'd have only N500 to get me home. No problemo. God's time is the best. I had already seen a sign :-)

I know Kwesi Ameyaw was in the movie but am not reviewing Man Of Steel. Go read some other one online. It wasn't an African movie. Kwesi was even a Canadian airman. These days, I always wait and watch the credits at the end of Hollywood movies (if at the movie theatre). I only left the cinema room when I've seen an African name who's part of the cast or crew. If there is none, I still leave. But you knew that already. :-)

Okay. Now I needed to go back to the hotel to catch some beauty sleep. Except I didn't have enough money. No, I wasn't looking for more women so they would donate to my transport cause. I just wanted to see them. Sweetiti things. :-)

I really wanted to take one of those 3 wheeled cars (keke marua) as I knew no taxi would take N500 for that short distance at this time of night. It wasn't meant to be. I stopped a couple of cars at the Palms Mall gate asking for rides. The good karma I've been building in Accra didn't transfer to Lagos. I started walking to look for a reasonable taxi driver. I was half afraid someone might come rob me but I had just watched "Man Of Steel", so I no dey fear huu. Why couldn't I get more money? Well, I am not carrying ATM cards these days. Because... yeah, of this story.

I had walked more than 234 metres and then that was when I remembered I had a friend at the hotel who could lend me money to finish fending off my fare. So I bargained a good price with a taxi driver, convinced him to allow me to pay him N500 at a start and transport me. No, I wasn't going to do him 'saman', walk into the hotel and never come back. I returned with another N500 from my good Samaritan and the dealing was done. Took his number, came upstairs and wrote this. :-)


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