I saw more females than males at Presec on a particular day

I've been thinking about women a little too much recently. I didn't expect to see a lot of them at Presec when I got there today. I had gone there to see a lady too o! Who I didn't get to meet by the way. That's why this blog post was born.

Would a Presec student ask an Accra Girls chic what she was doing on campus?

I had quite a young Chemistry teacher when I was in 1K at Presec. Once she showed a few signs of not using her Chemistry as well as some smart Presec thought she should, she began to get 'challenged'. More often than not, I backed her when students took her on. Because she was correct most of the time and thankfully I had my chemistry down pat. Some other times, I couldn't really save her. Either way, this made her like me more than some other students. She was fond of me for my brilliance and not my looks. It happens the other way round, when it comes to male teachers and female students. Especially at the secondary school level.
I was really going to ask her o! I made up an excuse not to. Sitting here typing this, I regret it. What's the worst that could have happened?
You likely know about junior camps already. They are brewing via the GhanaThink Foundation. Learn about the one that happened in Ketasco earlier this year.
Talking about the Volta region, Ewes have some serious names o! I once heard that there is a set of Ewe twins called "Forgive and Forget". No be now.
Ao, je parle Français en peu!
Oh okay. Hope the senior high and secondary school kids will do very well in their exams.
Car screeching is no mean feat. And besides, I will fear for my car. But in the heat of the moment with cheers abound, who knows? Hehe, I lie bad.

I couldn't get to see the school counselor to discuss the Junior Camp but I did get her number. But I was going to get that anyway. And I dunno what she looks like. She's more important than all the women I saw at Presec today though. Because she's counselling and guiding them. Now that's what's up. In lumine tuo, videbimus lumen. In lumine tuo, we deɛ we dey love women.

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