Attending the Agape House Church in Ghana #agapehouse

I went to church today. I don't go any given Sunday by the way. My cousin, Efibah, was telling me, "I pass through your neighbourhood to go to church all the time, and I know you don't go to (any) church". So, she passed by again and I tagged along with her. To Agape House New Testament Church. 10:30am? No problemo. Even if I slept at 4am after a partycrewgh outing, I could make that. I need to renew my faith anyway. Let's just say that once I entered the church and looked around, it only took me 2.33 seconds to decide I'd be blogging about being at #AgapeHouse. So here goes.
I spent all the blog write up time tweeting. So I'm going to let the tweets speak for themselves. 
This pastor is more audible though. He didn't slang too much. He came to say hi after the service and introduced his PA to me. Figure I am gonna get some calls. I no bore. I'd love some sweet melodious voices though on the other end of the line :-)
Short of the song saying Akwaaba and Woezor, it was on point.
I was at an evening mass at Christ the King a few weeks ago and I was shocked by the number of folks dressed casually. I believe in bringing your best attire to God's house. Times have changed, tradition is being affected but I keep my best attires for being in the house of my Maker and Shaper.
I absolutely used to love this song when I was more religious. I should work it up the favorite list again. I have plenty Kirk Franklin albums. Thanks to Phelele Fakudze.
A better sermon message could not have been picked. I'd blog later about Ghanaian Christianity and (charismatic) churches. We need more teamwork in this country. Let's build institutions. Someone loved a particular part of this message though.
Reminds me of the churches I used to go to in the US. Full of young people. I am a Catholic, will likely always be. But I sure do love being around youth. Horizontal inspiration.
Great point here. We have to join the right teams. It makes multiplication much easier. We all work for the greater good. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We are part of this. Plugging in that video I really love right now.
Agape House has a number of teams. Not sure I will become a regular member, see above comment. But I did sign up for a team. The 5 teams wore their T-shirts (that's why they wore them Ato) and campaigned. Yea, one group said they are at Aseɛ hɔ, another said to find them on a ballot. I chose the team that had anyone say anything in a Ghanaian language. Local. Community. Us.
Glad I went. I'd go again. I'm recommending this church too. They are not hype like I see in many other charismatic churches. Many people in the church are the right types of folks we need for our nation. The pastor preaches messages we need to hear, and not the ones he needs to build his business. Thank you, Agape. Divine love ampa.
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