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10 songs dedicated to African women

Happy Women's Month! I promised myself to talk more about women this August and sadly, it's ending already. I only managed to talk about pick-up lines and their use. It's all going to be remedied with this post (I hope). We all love African Queen and how it became a phenomenon in the Diaspora. There are many more songs like that and I'll like to share some with y'all.
Because If I could glow like an African beauty;
I would show the make up of an African beauty;
And not make up make up to show African beauty;
Because before make up, there was African beauty.

This is from a poem I wrote, which I could consider my best to date.

Before that, you have to check out my favorite Ghanaian songs, 10 favorite songs from Kenya, 10 favorite songs from South Africa, my 10 favorite Nigerian songs and 10 African songs I think you should know about. So these songs are for all the African women out there and for all who love them. Click the songs to find the lyrics, video, audio, etc.

African Queen - 2Face Idibia (Nigeria)
What else can be said about this song? It's the reason there are that many songs praising African women these days anyway. Tuface has been going around leaving his mark all over the place when it comes to African women but this song shall remain timeless. "And you are my African Queen, the girl of my dreams; You take me where I've never been; You make my heart go ting-a-ling-a-ling, oh ahh; You are my African Queen, the girl of my dreams; And you remind me of a thing; And that is the African beauty yeah" Ooh, aah.

African woman - Kokovelli (Ghana)
This was one of the African women related songs that came out shortly after African Queen's success. Kokovelli's jam did well to the extent that some Sierra Leonians stole the beat and tune and made their own version. "African woman, your love don stain my body o; Sweet Ghanaian beauty, I want make you my baby o". What comes after that is for y'all to see.

African girls - 5Five (Ghana)
This jam is also one of my favorite songs period. 5Five gave shoutouts to women from various countries, from Algeria all the way to Botswana with a special mention for half-Fante girls. :-) "Afrikan Gurlz look good like summertime; I'm talking shapes or whatever, they so fine; They all lovable, talks on the low got respect though!; Plus some got their hair cut low!" The remix to this song is even hotter. DoubleFive really did well with this song, it's sad it didn't become a continental anthem.

Nigerian girls - Modenine (Nigeria)
This song has a pretty nice video. Modenine talks about the differences in Nigerian girls, by tribe. It's hilarious. It may not celebrate Nigerian (or African) women but it does talk about the diversity (for lack of a better word). But no matter where you from, no matter who you be, you gotta love Nigerian Girls. Some lyrics - "My Lagos chick said; You are dry, you don't mingle; You don't go clubbing; And you don't buy me pringles". "No cash, no Abuja chicks; Plenty cash; And they'll be on your ha"

Nigerian girl - Obiwon (Nigeria)
The late Michael Jackson had a famous Liberian girl song. Nigeria's Seven sampled it for his Nigerian girl song. But it doesn't beat Obiwon's track. Obiwon is an underrated singer from Naija, y'all should check him out, he's really good. He quit a banking job to do music too. He tells us - "It’s the way you walk, the sound of your voice; Your loving leaves me no choice; My Nigerian girl; Sweetest girl in the world".

Strong woman - Blu3 (Uganda)
All these songs don't have to be from the guys. The ladies have their own anthems too. Africa's Destiny Child composed their own African 'Independent women' jam. It's sad Cindy left the group but she's doing well and Blu3's doing great too. You don't need me to tell you African women are strong, bold and wise women. But in case, you need reminding, you can listen to this song. "My beauty is deep inside of me; Nine months, I carried all humanity; But I am still fighting for my basic pride; I am grateful even when I am hurting; I am grateful for those who came before me"

Sweetest Girls - Samini (Ghana) & Nameless (Kenya)
It's commonplace for African musicians to make songs about African women these days. Everyone is trying to do something unique to market those songs. Samini collaborated with another of my fave musicians, Nameless, for a song dedicated to African women everywhere. This song is crying for a video! They sing - "She make a grown man cry; She make a preacher man lie; She make a rude bwoy shy; She make no superman fly; ... Well, I've been to Joburg where the girls dance to Kwaito; I've been to Lagos where the kokolets them tight o; I've been to the East Africa where them girl them fine so; Samini make the girls move to the left and right o; I've been to Congo, Libya and Morocco; Liberia, Madagascar and Zimbabwe"

South African girl - Steel (Nigeria)
Developments and storylines in Jerusalema and District 9 have left a little bad blood between South Africa and Nigeria. Those things are out the window when it comes to music. Many Nigerian artistes are shooting excellent videos in South Africa and we all know MTN's favorite customers are in Nigeria. So Steel made a song for South African girls to celebrate this particular development. "South African girl, will you be my wifey?; The way you smile, I like it; Wai lai ta lai, I like it" ... "My love for you is strong; That's why I write this song; Baby come along; Let me praise you in tongues"

Black queen - Bebe Cool (Uganda)
The reggae musicians have their grooves too. Bebe Cool decided to sing for black queens everywhere, we all know reggae music is probably the most universal black music out there. The ladies in this video are not as fine as Bebe's Sexy Thing model, but we love the song nonetheless. "Black queen, you are my queen; I love you before; And I'll love you forever"

Liberian girl - Jodi (Liberia)
Now this is my jam. Jodi is probably the least known of all these musicians but the dude can 'sang'. I always have to listen to this song more than once. Ask the Lib4lyfe Liberians about this song. "I've been thinkin 'bout you; So I wrote this song to let you know; You're my Liberian queen; I've been thinkin 'bout you; So I wrote this song for you my Liberian girl"

These are the first 10 songs that came to mind. If I remember one injustice that I missed, I will comment about it. Just like last time, I want to list a few honorable mentions.

Lady by Ofori Amponsah
Lady by Fela Kuti
Ghana ladies by the late Terry Bonchaka
African lady by Samini
Ugandan woman - Mega Dee
Ghana mmaa - VIP
Nigerian girl - Seven
African queen remix - Rukus

I can't write songs but I can write some poems. Watch out for mine.

Long live songs about African women.
Long live African women.
Long live African beauty.
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