Saturday, August 29, 2009

KSM dances with random girl at Nifty @Fifty show

Those of you who know me know am all over social media networks. Yes, I am on Twitter too. Follow me @Abocco. Yup, that's me. More on my many web names later. Earlier, I opened a Youtube account too, to share videos. The terrible part is that some dude had already taken the 'MIghTyAfrican' account (which is inactive now) so I had to settle with 'MIghTyAfrican1'. Bummer. I almost made up a new name but I am growing old now, can't keep track of all of my pseudonyms.

I uploaded a bunch of videos I recorded from attending KSM's Nifty @ Fifty concert. I love KSM, he's awesome. I interviewed him once and came away with a lot of respect for him. Other than being an entertainer, he is a great personality, statesman and leader. He mentioned that he may want to go into politics. At his show, which coincided with Ghana's Golden Jubilee celebration, he mentioned that Ghana could use a 'funky president'. Who wouldn't want KSM as his president? I was sold after that show, it was one of the best shows I had attended ever. I've never laughed so much in my life, as you'll discover from the videos. I am the one laughing hysterically all the time. Sorry, it spoils the fun for you.

KSM talked about how 50 year olds had fun at parties and the clubs, etc. He was 50 then, circa December 2007, and wanted to show the audience how he gots down. So he invited a girl from the audience (some claim that it was all planned) to come and dance with him. On stage. They danced to Naa Agyeman's Kwahu Bepo. Watch how it all transpired.

Girl comes in stage and he tells her, 'I can born you'.

Then they gets down

Enjoy these videos for now. I have some more coming.
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