Sunday, August 30, 2009

KSM dances to Oluman Boogie at Nifty @Fifty show

KSM's Nifty@Fifty concert in December 2007 was superb. I had heard about his exploits dancing to FBS' Oluman Boogie through the internet and TV. So when I was in Ghana, I decided to spend my Christmas Day in Accra (instead of Kumasi) so I could catch his show. It was terrible not spending it with my nuclear family at home but the show was great. I took a bunch of videos so that my family could watch what transpired. Finally, I have some for you to view. If you missed KSM getting jiggy with a girl half her age, you can see those videos here.

Oluman Boogie was released in by the Function Boy Squad. The song quickly made an impression and FBS became one of the most wanted performers due to their dancing prowess. The song talked about Sugar Daddies. If you live in Ghana, you'll know that this is common there. In University of Ghana (Legon), we have what we call 'Inte' and 'Exte'. 'Inte' is the Legon male student who's the boyfriend and 'Exte' is the non Legon male (normally quite old) who splashes kawukudi/luuchi/cash/dough on the Legon girl. So imagine you are an 'Inte', and you are dating this Legon girl, and you have to 'compete' with this 'Exte' bankroller, it's not easy. It's worse when this old man is not old and weak, but is a strong man. If you fought with him, you would lose. That's the Oluman Boogie.

KSM clocked 50 and wanted to prove to the world he was no ordinary old man, but an Oluman Boogie. What better way to prove that than to do a bunch of dances? As you can see from this Youtube video - - it's not easy. So he invited FBS to this show to perform the song alongside them. These videos show what happened.

Before they get to the dancing, KSM has to adequately dress up. Hilarious

The actual performance

Enjoy these videos for now. I have some more coming.
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