Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm on TV! MIghTy African Music Video Program - Featuring VIP & TuFace's 'My love'

Most of you loved the first episode of the MIghTy African Music Video Program (MAMVP). Well guess what, thanks to Melanie Reynard, we have a second episode. This time we talked about a Ghana-Nigeria collabo between VIP and TuFace Idibia called 'My love'. This feature is for a TV program on KMTP TV (a non-profit public TV station in Palo Alto) The MAMVP will feature me talking about various African music videos, the artistes behind them, discussing the song and music, etc. All these videos are by Phamous People. The very first feature was on VIP's Manenko. You can see the video for this second webisode/episode below


The opening music was by Jonathan Ford and the video was edited by Melanie Reynard. I think this video is funnier than the last one though it's shorter. Melanie advises that people's attention spans are too short to do longer videos. So if you are reading this and you want to sponsor an awesome promotion of African music, contact the good folks at KMTP.TV through (info at kmtp dot tv) and let's get some more face time. Because you know Melanie and I 'do the best'. As you can see, I was wearing the same shirt as the one I wore for the Manenko episode. It's only because I love the shirt very much, but also because both episodes were short in one day. I am not trying to get all Nollywood up in here, but it didn't take long to film these. After getting these two in, the upcoming shoots should be easier. I am prepping for my Hollywood debut with my 'camera comfortability'.

I love the 'My love' song a bit more than Manenko because it's a great song and it features one of my fave singers, 2Face Idibia. I talked about the Promzy rap verse where he remixed Ghana's national pledge as a pledge to her lover. "I promise on my honour to be faithful and loyal; To my baby girl, the best in the whole world; I pledge myself to her service; With all my heart, and strength and soul (oh oh); I promise to hold in my high esteem; The love she has for me through all this hustling and jostling; And I promise to defend the good girl my wifey wifey; So help me God". How cute is that? I couldn't recite the pledge when I thought of it. I just tried to use Promzy's verse to recite it, and I still couldn't do it. Shame.

The other interesting part about the video was the Pidgin portion. Hearing Melanie say 'I dey go' was madd cute and hilarious. It became her favorite expression afterwards when we were going home. Pidgin English is awesome. The deal with it is to communicate in 'English' but in fewer words. Most people know Pidgin English as a Nigerian thing, but it has its forms in Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cameroun, etc. And we spoke Pidgin in high school not because we couldn't speak proper English but because we used it as a buddy (coded) language. More and more Ghanaian musicians are singing in Pidgin now too.

I also talked about the collaboration between Nigerian and Ghanaian musicians, the emergence of 2Face Idibia, etc. The 'My Love' video was shot in Ghana by Phamous People, who so kindly provided a high quality video for this program. If you have access to your favorite African music video producer and you want to publicize their work, leave a comment or get in touch. The MAMVP serves to promote African music and educate viewers about the songs, videos, music, artistes, culture, etc. After taking on the pronunciation of "Twi" and teaching Pidgin, one may ask, what's next? I don't know either and that's why you should watch out for the next episode and find out. "I dey go"
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