Thursday, August 27, 2009

Homicide (a poem)

Wanted to blog today but I don't have time so I will do what do when this happens. Put up an old poem. This poem is called Homicide. Wrote it a while ago. You can try and decipher what it means, that's the beauty of the language abi? Enjoy

Like a masked murderer
Radiant with love
Knifing the apron strings
That bound us to custom
Like a patient poacher
Endangering a life
Leaving an ancestral stump
After draining the sap
Like a settling seed
Seeking to rule the natives
To improve its diversity
Killing softly the inbred society
Like a caring cutthroat
To say a soothing prayer
With a temporary temerity
Enslaving the rich
Like a pestering preacher
To liberate the naïve yet
Who came and taught nothing
And burgled society’s education
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