Friday, August 28, 2009

Two women (a poem)

I remember writing this poem at a bus station somewhere in Upstate New York. I was thinking about a couple of girls and I decided to express those thoughts on paper. So it became a poem. I decided to try my hand at some Twi poetry as well though it didn't turn out too good. I just translated the English lines to Twi so if some of the translations are off, forgive and then correct me. I had titled this poem 'Who is me' but it really should be something like two women. So there, I present to y'all 'two women'. Enjoy.

She is me
She mirrors me
But she is a mirage
And she is just an image of me

She is not me
She shadows me
But she is a window
And her mirror doesn’t know me

I follow the mirror
My shadow follows me
The mirror tells me I am fair
My shadow tells me I am dark
My mirror lets out my secrets
My shadow is my best kept secret
My mirror overshadows me
My shadow mirrors my shade

Sankofa sees my shadow
Nkoso notices my mirror
Do I want me
Or do I want my shadow
Do I want comfort
Or do I want change
Do I do what is due to
Or do I do what is duty
Do I want to see myself in the mirror
Or am I just happy with my shadow

The following is the Twi version

Ɔyɛ me
Mehu me ho wɔ n’ahwehwɛ mu
Nanso menhu no
Woayɛ te sɛ me nfoni

Ɔnyɛ me
Ɔnam m’akyi nti menhu no
Nanso ɔyɛ mpoma ma me
N’ahwehwɛ no nnim me

Mepɛ me ho
Anaa sɛ mepɛ nea menhu
Mepɛ ahoto
Anaa sɛ mepɛ nsesaɛ?
Menyɛ deɛ ɛfiri sɛ
Anaa menyɛ deɛ ɛwo sɛ meyɛ?


Soundtrack for this poem could be that 'Adwoa yɛ me yere, Yaa yɛ me mpena' song by Okomfo Kwaadee. Or Lord Kenya's 'Menkɔ Adwoa anaa menkɔ Ataa'?
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