Bissap juice is whatsapp! Obolo joy for Sobolo!

Happy Easter everyone! Today is Easter Sunday 2013 - March 31, 2013. It's been a relaxing Easter weekend. I am in Kumasi just like I was for the last Easter Sunday which was on April 7, 2012. On that day, I met a lady at an event on the KNUST campus. She sold me some Bissap juice. Ever since that sale, I've been sold. Not to her o! But on Bissap juice.

I had attended a Classics 4 Christ show at the Independence Hall JCR. It was night of praise and worship, poetry and various performances. After the show, there was a little stand selling various snacks and drinks. I discovered that Bissap juice was being sold and quickly bought some. Because it is a cool African drink. Because the lady selling the juice was so pleasant and cute. One or all of the two. I found out she was not from Ghana, she was from a Francophone West African country. I took her number and bought some more Bissap.

I never called her for a long time until I whatsapped her one day. She remembered who I was, especially because I had taken her number. We became good friends, I visited her a couple of times when I was back in Kumasi too. She made me some more Bissap later in the year of which I took some home. My mother saw it and she enjoyed having it.

Every other time I had the chance to drink Bissap, I bought that. I bought it 2 different times when I had Auntie Muni Waakye. Ganyobinaa also made some for me once. That violet looking juice had become a favorite. Bissap is a well known drink in Africa, especially in West Africa. From Senegal to Guinea, Bissap is sold on every busy street. It is basically the juice of the hibiscus flower chilled or frozen into a slush.....with lots of sugar. Slushy but yummy :-)

My mother had loved the Bissap juice so much that she investigated how to make some. Today, she gave me some home-made bissap. She had been inspired from the time I brought some home. She had found the ingredients to make it. "With about 6 cedis worth of ingredients, we have more than 4 Coke bottles worth of Bissap juice and more". "And it's healthier than Coke". There.

This made me tweet -
Bissap is popularly known as Sobolo in Ghana. I got sooo obolo joy for Sobolo now. I am going to look for a friend or someone to make me plenty Bissap juice that I will stock my fridge with. Bissap all the way! Here is a good recipe to learn how to make Bissap. Off to go have some 2.33 cups of Sobolo (Bissap).

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