Google remembers Miriam Makeba with a Doodle - #MiriamMakeba

It's been 5 years since Miriam Zenzile Makeba aka Mama Africa died. Miriam was probably one of the most popular African musicians ever. When she passed away, I wrote a blog post for Museke. She had died singing, as her demise came shortly after she had been rushed to the hospital while doing what she does best in Italy. She was the Empress of African Song and a pioneer of African Music. She was affectionately called "Mama Africa".

Google is honouring the late Miriam Makeba on her birthday with a Doodle. My friend Tumi saw it much earlier than me as she is in China at the moment.
Since I've hit Monday (#MusicMonday) here in Accra, I can to. You can see it on today.

Miriam Makeba was once issued a Ghanaian international passport.
Her music traveled far and wide. My favorite Miriam Makeba song has to be the Click Song - Qongqothwane. The song is just so cool, informative, educative, entertaining, soulistic, younameit.

The popularity of her Malaika rendition led many to believe Swahili was a language from South Africa. She chose to sing a popular East African song, in doing so, she was ahead of her time. Her own Pata Pata song has been sang and used many times, even by Angelique Kidjo.
Some of her popular songs include Africa is where my heart lies, I shall sing, Mbube, Wonders and things, Saduva, Lindelani, Lima wechi, Lovely lies, Kilimanjaro, Teya teya, Suliram, Umhome, Nomeva, Amampondo, Olilili, Tula Ndivile, Intandane, Hush, West wind, African connection.
Let's celebrate her as we celebrate Women's History Month.Here is a young Miriam Makeba performing Pata Pata.


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