Blogger of the Week memories - highlights of my blogging journey #BlogCamp13

I'm getting pretty excited about #BlogCamp13 - the second edition of the biggest gathering of bloggers and social media users in Ghana organized by the association of Ghanaian bloggers - Blogging Ghana. The theme "Content is King" is brilliant and I really believe in that. I'd expand on why that is tres important later but let me get the crux of this post. In late September 2012, I was named as the Blogger of the Week by Blogging Ghana, the association of Ghanaian and Ghana-loving bloggers. The highlight of the week was to be an interview where various people would ask me questions about blogging, my blog entries and my interests and opinions which shape my blog posts. If you know a bit about me, you know I don't play with 2:33pm :-) So I asked that the interview on Twitter, or TwitterView, start at 2:30 pm which is close to 2:33pm. I posted a #233moments update on Twitter, Facebook & Google+. While answering the many questions, I was live-blogging the questions and answers so people could follow the conversation. See the raw live-blogging post here. This would be a rather long blog post to make for easy reading and reporting of the Twitterview. Though long, I always try to make my blog posts fun so have some fun reading it too. Because why so serious anyway? My friend Courage asked, "What got you into blogging and what was my first blog post about?" I entered Presec (my high school) loving current affairs and general knowledge. I blogged about this too. So I joined the Quiz, Writers & Debators Club because of the Quiz part but quickly discovered I'd love to write and debate too. I started writing many poems and joined the Presec Editorial Board. Yup, blog entry here. I started liking the idea of expressing myself. When I found the internet, I found a home and space to express myself through writing. I wrote articles under various pseudonyms online and then I started keeping my blog on GhanaThink's GhanaConscious platform. It was simply called Abocco's blog. My first blog post on GhanaConscious was called "GhanaThinking was born in us". Nothing special. I got more comfortable with the blog posts I was writing onward. I love to live freely. I am 'care less'. I like to do things just to see what happens. After one particular episode, I just had to blog about the story. And then was born. I pronounced "Chale, I'm a hustla! I'm a, am a hustla!". I started blogging because I had so many things to tell the world, especially Ghanaians. I couldn't keep it to myself. Courage @couragedarling was sticking to the blogging questions. "Who is your favourite blogger?" I'm not sure I have or have had a favorite blogger. But I really did love those "Letter to Jomo" entries by George Sydney Abugri in the Graphic. I promised then that I will write a blog post about my favorite blogger as I didn't have one :-) Hasn't happened yet. Let me think this through a bit and come back to y'all. "Which is your personal best blog post and why?" That ersonal blog post? That would have to be my "Velkom the Vim Views & Versions" post where I announced what my blog is about. I had title my blog after a line in a Batman movie. Not local enough. Since vim was and still is the rage (all around me), it was only appropriate to have it in the name. The various blog posts I would have would be different views on various matters and versions of stories that give people more vim. Velkom? You know that called a pun? That thing Presecans called "chaa". Cha, ebe that thing. Because nah, I am that huge a fan of Germany.
asked "memorable post, and why?" I could pick many and would stood out quite clearly was the post where I announced that I was moving to #GhanaAppropriately, I chose Republic Day to write it. I had known this for more than 2 months but I had choose a day as Ghanaian as July 1st to broadcast the news. I was making a major announcement. Up until the post, only a few loved ones knew I was moving to #Ghana. had become my Mouthpiece. I had too many people to tell the news, so I had to use the one space I could reach many loved ones, my own blog.

After this blog garnered a nomination for Best Blog at the Ghana Social Media Awards, I wrote a post asking for your vote. Thanks for voting. On Saturday, I'd know whether I won or not. But I shared some important info in that blog post. Someone had asked me why I don't blog about a particular niche. It's because I do what I want. I write about personal experiences, music, events & conferences, movies, technology, politics, engineering and even host press releases. I have so much to say. I am on a mission to publish (not write, publish) 233 blog posts in 2013. 


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