In looking for a name for one blog post, I found another blog post :-)

So I blogged about a story which involved me giving a free ride to a lady and her dad - from the Accra Mall to MJ Grand in East Legon. I was having trouble choosing a title for the blog post so I decided to ask my Twitter followers and Facebook friends to help me out.
My friend Courage got in on the party saying "The Free Ride". That would have been really appropriate. It really carried the message of the blog post but it was too short and generic.
DJ Kobbie continued and we were really having fun with this. I didn't ask the lady for her name though I asked for the father's. Kobbie named her Daisy only after he wondered if this had gone bad because they might be strangers. And he thought I charged them something as a fare. I only give free rides, but if I did charge folks that money will add up quick given how many times I actually do it. When I told Kobbie I gave them a free ride, he decided that I had heard a sermon so good that Sunday morning, that I decided to do a good deed. He called my deed "social entrepreneurism" after I indicated I hadn't been to church that day. Kobbie believed my good turn deserved a ride to Wa. I would gladly take that for whenever we make it to the Upper West Region for Barcamp Wa, or something similar. Wa is cool, but since I was thinking about this fine Naija chic, my mind was in Uyo. :-)

No, I didn't run out of petrol. Khaki no be leather. :-D My Ashesi buddy Felix had a few suggestions too. I really liked the "A few miles that matter" bit. He liked the idea of what I did so much to make a public service announcement about the importance of car-pooling. I totally agreed with him.

The real winner for the blog post naming competition came from my Presec mate, Ernest Obubah. Check this Facebook post for the conversation that went down. "Considering the high cost of fuel, I might have just paid my bride price". Like you may have heard, the fuel prices were hiked once again this year and though I won't say I am feeling the new costs (I no go lie, I don't care as much now), it's not cool that we have to pay more and more for fuel. But since I did such a great deed for this man, he must have been thinking, this guy is a great guy who might be a great friend for my daughter. How much does this taxi cost? Oya, come carry my daughter go. Your kindness be very expensive, forget the 234 cows tradition wey you hear about for the South-South of Nigeria. Hehe, no am not interested in the lady (for marriage) but it won't be bad to have some nice moonlit conversations about nothing and mix it with some Niger Delta crisis discussions.

PS: The lady didn't come comment on my blog post yet but I found her Facebook account. Why you want see what she dey look like? This one no be your matter, enjoy the blog post.


medat said…
Ogyam nye no! Ɔayɛ wild! Haha. Well done Ato!
Clue said…
hehe, thanks Jojoo! had fun coming up with this blog post

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