Friday, March 15, 2013

Retrieving pick-pocketed items in Accra, Ghana - the series

Through all your comments and feedback, it's clear you've enjoyed reading my 5-part series on "Retrieving pick-pocketed items in Accra, Ghana. Like I said in Part 1, the characters in this story are real but most of their identities are concealed for security purposes. Before we dissect next steps, let's recap Part 1-5. No, this is not a review.

Part 1: I received a Facebook message that I thought was sakawa. Entertaining conversation. My stolen cards had been found. They were going to be returned by Dominique Mark. I had to involve the police to protect myself.

Part 2: Getting the police was not easy as I would have imagined. We hatched a plan to cover all possible scenarios that could happen from my meeting with the gentleman who would be returning the cards. All my stolen cards have been returned. The meeting went smoothly but the police arrested the gentleman called  Dominique Mark.

Part 3: Dominique Mark had two other real names/identities. He started lying. His Facebook use and phone messages did not help him out either. His story is hard to believe. He swore his innocence. I had to write a statement.

Part 4: Verified that my cards had not been used. Dominique Mark had spent a night in jail because of me. His brother came to see him. I would drop all charges if he brought the phone back or bought a new one. I was going to get it.

Part 5: Before I could get the new phone (Samsung S2), I would have to bring a receipt to prove ownership of the old one. The Suspect had been granted bail. I got the receipt as an invoice would not suffice. I received a new black Samsung S2 phone. I thanked the police force and we had some interesting conversations.

The actual blog posts are much more entertaining and have more intrigue. If you don't read those, and you read this, you are doing yourself an injustice. So go on :-)

Now, we're talking about a movie script. Folks want to play different roles. Others want to finance the movie. How did you get to this line without knowing the whole story? Go read the blog posts abeg. We'll discuss the aftermath later.
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