Retrieving pick-pocketed items in Accra, Ghana - Part 1

On 6th March, I blogged that my phone and wallet had been stolen at the infamous Chris Brown concert at the Accra Sports Stadium. I also said then, that I was hatching plans to catch him. What was my plan? I didn't really know. Maybe he would try to buy something with my cards, I'd realise and then track him down. Because of this, I never cancelled my bank cards. Maybe I will track the phone using its Serial Number. I never got to doing this. But then on Sunday March 10th, this happened

But before you read that.... the characters in this story are real. This story actually happened. Some information will be concealed to protect some identities. Sorry for the PSA, you can read on now :-)

This is only part 1. Throughout this conversation, I couldn't get over the fact that a Facebook account that was created just that afternoon was chatting with me and had no friends. I thought this was Sakawa at the beginning before we had messaged each other some more. And then, why did this person claim to live in Burbank, California and find herself jogging around Kanda? Oh wait, she's a he, called Mark. Big question mark there. Do you believe this story above? It looks a bit believable abi? See how I run with it. But then again, once my cards had been found, my attention had been grabbed.

As you can see, I concealed the phone number from the messages. This Dominique Werner account is a fake one. He probably won't bother answering your messages. I just want to know, why the name Dominique Werner? Cos it sounds like the daughter of a German guy who played away in Jamaica. And why Burbank, California? Why not Los Angeles, New York, London, Shanghai, Lagos, Kingston, or even Lome? Burbank is close to Hollywood. And that's where this story will end up because of the sheer drama and unbelievability of the stories. Why didn't Mark just use his own Facebook account? If you just thought of Zuckerberg right now, give yourself a round of applause. Hehe.

I called a friend and informed him about this. I then decided to call the policeman I had befriended after the case in this blog post, who was going to help me get a policeman involved. The plan was to go meet Dominique Mark somewhere near Asylum Down, with the police as protection, collect the 'cards', discuss how he got these items, discuss the whereabouts of the phone, etc. When the wallet was stolen, I only had 10 Cedis in it. The thieves must have been thinking, "this guy paa, you came to the VIP section of the Chris Brown concert where people have paid 100 GhC to enter, and you only have 10 Ghanaian Cedis in your wallet?" I had checked my bank accounts and no money had been 'stolen' from it. Was Mark coming back for more cedis? How did he manage to find my cards that were stolen in an envelope in an open place? Why was this happening on Sunday and not earlier?

You've read enough, stay tuned for Part 2. What do you think about the story so far? Does the guy sound innocent?


Victor Ofoegbu said…
The plot seem to be thickening line by line.
MIghTy African said…
Yeah, see how the story forms. He really wanted to meet on Sunday. The story gets better on Monday though.
guy....oya leave suspense make we dey go
Hmm.. Patiently waiting for part 2.
Prince Kwarteng said…
This could serve as a script for a blockbuster ghallywood. Not a dull day in the life of Ato .... The guy be joker, freshly created facebook account, no pictures, no friends, say he is called Mark, fb says different and to add to it all he is female on facebook. He needs Sakawa for Dummies.
MIghTy African said…
lol @Prince. Sakawa for Dummies.... who's gonna write that book?

Alfred Rowe did say on Google Plus that he's not that intelligent.
Ali Maiga said…
Interesting story hmmmm Chris Brown has been a good or bad Omen.let me move to Part 2
MIghTy African said…
hehe. Chris Brown was def not a good omen. I would rather my phone and wallet never got stolen :-)
Could this be an upcoming movie script? Oh mine! I want some action. Someone needs to needs to slap somebody. before it ended please..hahaha. Alright I am moving on to the party 2.
emeritus said…
Interesting, this guy had it well planned.
Creative Dela said…
Oh I love it, moving on to part 2
MIghTy African said…
Thanks @Creative Dela.
Barbara, you can have a role. Maybe you could play one of the ladies I met on this particular day lol. Or since you want to slap somebody, you can play a policewoman lol!

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