Barka de Sallah! World Food Day features food from the Savannah!

Wednesdays are extra exciting for me, because... yes, you guessed right.. it's that day that rhymes with my favorite meal - "Waakye". The food that sells out faster than any other the whold wide world. So on my way to work, I passed by my favorite place to buy waakye these days, to get some and make today a Waakye Wedensday. The X-Roads spot at the Nyaho junction to the train tracks was not opened. "ɔredi Sallah" was the message I was given. I drove to the next spot where I normally buy waakye from and voi la, she had also taken an extra holiday. Eish, when +Mohammed Muntasir Nashiru and +Ibn Shiraz mentioned that the real Sallah party was Wednesday, I hadn't thought that would mean waakye was going on strike...
So I tweeted ....
+Michael Ocansey was worried about my quest but offered an option to go to Buka. Too far and too expensive. I knew just where to check though. So I let the founder know :-)
And since it's Sallah day and R2Bees rep the Northern part of Ghana more seriously, I was rocking their Walaahi track personally too :-)
Thankfully, I found some waakye to buy. Turns out the seller, she wasn't celebrating Sallah.
Because it seems the holidays in Nigeria, Senegal and Tunisia, had reached the savannahs of Ghana and others had taken the day off and made some waakye customers unhappy.
It was a Savannah day. So I had some Hausa kooko & bofrot. It's a new day when you are getting this from Koko King. New school bringing old school back. +Delalorm Semabia
And you bet I would do something like this ---->
This was a pleasant surprise. If I had known I would be getting free tuo zaafi, I wouldn't have gone extra miles to get waakye. Oh wait, today was Wednesday right? cc +Seyram Freddy Ahiabor
Those who invented waakye are not only as old as Olele, they also knew design thinking. :-) +Seyram Freddy Ahiabor. I really wanted to get some Tuo Zaafi and meat yesterday after the Black Stars of Ghana spelt Egypt and walloped their Pharoahs soccer team. Wasn't motivated to go search for this in the evening after watching the game with +Donald Ward +Ali Bukari Maiga +David Nikoi and +Kofi Ulzen-Appiah, so it was great to have the same thing today.
Today was World Food Day! Eat I did.
Waakye Wednesday finally happened. What a day!

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